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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I should never Tweet.

So I recently rekindled my on-again, off-again relationship with Facebook, and let me tell you: the sparks are flying. But here's the problem-- you know the status bar thing? The little slot where you fill in the blank after your name to describe what you're thinking about or doing? I've developed a mild obsession with it. I love coming up with things to enter into my status bar. In fact, it's gotten to the point where my whole life has been reduced to little third-person snippets that I develop in my brain throughout the day and rate according to wittiness and likeliness to elicit a response. These are the sorts of things that I churn around in my mind:

Rachel is going to say it: I like a capella music and I'm not ashamed!

Rachel got ready this morning single-handedly, as her baby, who weighs the same as a big sack of flour, was not feeling well and required holding at all times.

Rachel wants to take the world in a love embrace!

Rachel hates everyone who has ever lived. Ever.

Rachel thinks that Abraham is perhaps the most hilarious human being alive.

Rachel and Soren just made a fort behind the chair and cooked some pretend pizza and a batch of invisible cupcakes, which we shared with a rather ravenous stuffed bee.

Rachel is so grateful for her little sunbeam baby. He's such a little bright light!

Rachel wishes that Abraham would take up swearing. It can be such a charming habit--and he would be so good at it.

Rachel loves Friday night pizza night!

Rachel thinks that eggnog is the nectar of the gods.

Rachel is excited that it's the weekend because now she gets to do laundry and take care of her sick children! Oh, wait....

Rachel wants everyone to pay attention to her. Right now!

So anyway, while entertaining and mildly delightful, I kind of feel that there's something unhealthy about this habit, like I'm so focused on verbalizing my life experiences in a snappy way that I forget about letting go and just living life. And Twitter? Twitter is like a Facebook status on steroids. I can totally see myself spending the entire day describing my life in 140 characters or less and popping out witty responses to everyone else's 140 character snippets. With my habit of doing everything with a sort of feverish vim, Twitter would quickly descend into an obsession. And, you know, I've got a life to live. So it is because of this that...

Rachel should really probably not sign up for Twitter.


Natalya said...

I did a couple weeks ago. I think I've tweeted 4 times. Yes, the way you describe the Facebook thing, you definitely should not tweet. LOL.

Natalya said...

Although on second thought, Twitter was made for people exactly like you. And they would be charming little tweets. I would follow you. So go ahead!

Simply Mother said...

You should DEFINITELY sign up for twitter.

Sarah-Olivia said...

I am not sure if you remember meeting me but my name is Sarah-Olivia. I was a fried of Abe's and a roommate of Lara's. I just have to say that I am the EXACT same way. Each say is dictated in my head in Third person. I am SOOO glad to know I am not the only one!!


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