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Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 More Things About Abraham

....continued from here.....

6. Abe's best friends come from the over-fifty crowd. He's like an old man himself--which is good, because I like old men--but much more virile--which is even better, because I really like virile men.

7. Abe isn't ashamed that he has a huge man crush on Hugh Jackman. He openly admits that he went to see Wolverine just for Hugh. And yet he is oh-so-very straight.

8. Abraham is not a big fan of the sharing of food. A word to the wise: don't just go taking food from Abe's plate without asking. You might end up with a fork in the back of your hand.

9. We suspect that Abe has a deviated septum, as it seems he is perpetually stuffed up. I can always tell Abe's awake in the morning because of the loud goose-like honking sound he emits while clearing out his nose first thing.

10. Abe cares deeply about politics and actually goes to the effort to write letters to his representatives about issues that matter to him.


Karen said...

Wow what a responsible citizen. I think I'm doing good if I actually get out and vote!

Also, you should have Abe's nose balls checked out. I had me a pair of huge nose balls which in and of themselves were wreaking havoc, but when you get older they start to sag (especially when sleeping) and then all hell breaks loose. I had mine surgically reduced and now I can breathe!

(the medical term for nose balls is 'turbinates'... I just can't ever remember that word and I like to say nose balls)

Natalya said...

Curious, I went to see a picture of Hugh Jackman. I am fascinated about what Abe sees in him. He seemed a little dainty to me.
Anyway, how do you, Rachel, always have the perfect writing to describe every situation? Man crush. I never heard it before, yet I immediately understood what it meant, AND I understood immediately that Abe is still oh-so-straight. There must be something out there that you cannot describe, but it will probably never happen to mortal humans.

Rachel said...

I stole man-crush from my former roommate Holly. I'm delighted that you think I'm good at describing things, though! It's always nice to get writing compliments from writers.


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