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Monday, November 09, 2009

Liam: 8 Months

My Littlest Angel,

Since I last wrote, you have:

1) Grown three teeth (two on the bottom; one on the top).
2) Finally learned how to roll over!
3) Spent a lot of time rocking yourself in your carseat on the kitchen floor.
4) Started to allow us to feed you very small amounts of solid foods.
5) Inconceivably, become even more sweet and fat and adorable.

You are precious beyond words.



Here are some pictures from the last couple of months:

Even your feet are fat!

Having a nap on Uncle Scott. If naps are good, you say, naps on someone are even better.

Having a good time with Auntie Hillary, whom you adore.

Drinking a bottle in a Boppy.

I'm not sure if this was Soren's doing...or your father's.

Sometimes you fall asleep while playing. Such a thing has never been witnessed before in our household.

At six months, contrasted with your two-week-old cousin, Benjamin.


Natalya said...

I wish I was Hillary in that picture of Hillary holding him. What is it with piling stuff on him while he's in the carseat? And yet he seems so good-natured about it. And when are you going to get him a new one, tsk tsk. He's waaaaay too big. And cute. And fat.

Rachel said...

He doesn't ride around in the car in that carseat...he just hangs out in it around the house. It's a convenient way for us to keep him safe from Soren.

BTW...I've read your blog and have been meaning to comment. I shall subscribe!

Scott said...

That picture of me and Liam is great. It looks like I'm quite satisfied with the sedative results of feeding a baby an otter pop.


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