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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twenty-five Things About My Husband: Part 1

A while ago Abraham commented that "our" blog should be "Rach-n-Kids" rather than "Rach-n-Abe," as he rarely makes an appearance in my posts. This is true. But it shouldn't be, because Abe's the best, so I was trying to think of a way to do a special post just about Abe when I came across a blog in which someone was doing one of those "Twenty-Five Things About Me," memes. I should do that about Abe, I thought to myself. And so I am. And, in keeping with my resolution to keep my blog posts shorter and sweeter, I'm going to break it down into a five part series.

So here it goes: Numbers 1-5.

1. Abraham loves technology. I mean, he really loves it. One of Abe's greatest pleasures is shopping for a new electronic gadget: he'll spend hours perusing websites, reading reviews, and comparison shopping until he's positive he's found the best product for the best price. Right now he has a slightly out-of-control passion for "smart phones," particularly Verizon's Droid. The wallpaper on his desktop computer is currently a jumbo picture of the Droid; he has also recently downloaded a Droid simulator. He checks all of his geek blogs every day to get any updates on what's happenign with the Droid. He is a man obsessed.

2. Abe has never, ever, ever uttered a cuss word. Ever. I know, right?

3. Abe is number two in a family of eleven children. This means he spent a lot of time rocking babies to sleep while he was growing up.

4. One of Abe's greatest mentors and role-models growing up was his Grandpa Forbes. When Grandpa taught Abe a lesson, he listened. Grandpa Forbes helped instill in Abraham a strong work ethic, the desire to do things well, the ability to fix almost anything. He died shortly before Abraham left on his mission, so I never got to meet him, but I am grateful that he was there for Abe's first ninteen years.

5. Abraham was once interrogated by the FBI because he was suspected of committing a hate crime. (But he didn't do it! Well, he did....but it wasn't a hate crime. He helped another elder on his mission burn a suit to mark the end of his mission. They did it in the church parking lot and I guess that didn't look so good.)


Karen said...

I also achieved item #2 for approximately 25 years. But then I finally came around and said to hell with it. Swearing is too damn fun. :D

Rachel said...

You really did? Wow. Amazing. I started swearing at a fairly young age (don't tell my mom!) but when I was younger it was only when i was deeply angry and followed by lots of fervent repentant praying.

But I'm with you, sista. There's just something delightful about a good cuss.

Simply Mother said...

I was out of the running for number 2 by nine. All the kids at the bus stop swore and tried hard to get me to "just stay it" but I wouldn't.

But then one day I was mad at my mom for making me go to my room or something and I screamed "The B Word" at her from the top of the stairs.

(Think I was a fun child to parent?)


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