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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today's Happies

Have I ever told you about Happies and Sads?  If I have, I'm sorry, but like a crazy old lady, I'm going to tell you again.

My bestie/college roomie Holly taught me about them.  It was something her mother used to do with her when she was a child.  The concept is pretty simple.  Before bed, you take an inventory of your day, remember the good things and the bad things, and talk about them.  Holly and I would do Happies and Sads sometimes in college, lying in parallel twin beds in the quiet dark of our dorm room, talking about the things that had been good and bad about our days.

More recently, when I was pondering ways to cultivate more gratitude in my life, I remembered Happies.  I realized it was a good solution to my problem of feeling that, in listing blessings, I had to keep naming the same blessings over and over again (home, food, family, friends, job, health, freedom, peace, etc.) -- or find a "silver lining" for things I didn't actually feel grateful for at all (WalMart, road trips with the children).  My Happies Journal has become a place for me to keep a record of the good things in my life for which I feel acutely, authentically grateful, because they have brought me real joy.  

I highly recommend the practice.

Anyway, I had a particularly good day today and I wanted to remember it-- and I wanted to share it with everyone out there, because really, it's a testament to the fact that there is goodness in the world.

These are my Happies for today...

Telling Abraham about how happy I felt when I went to the church last night and saw a couple of men from church playing flag football with a bunch of scouts.  ("I love that those boys have good male role models!") And how even happier I was when I went inside and found a gym full of teenagers and leaders square dancing while a live person called out the moves.  ("No one looked super happy about it...but it was still delightful.")  Abe told me that he'd read an article about how boys in the United States are struggling because many of them lack positive male role models.  Felt so grateful for the men in our life who are teaching my boys how to be good men-- their daddy, their grandpas, their uncles, the men at church, our friends.  So many.  

Picking up my car from the mechanic.  He undercharged me, as usual.  And then gave me a jump when my battery was dead.  And then smiled and waved as I drove off.  Nothing cuter than a tough guy mechanic standing in blue coveralls, smiling and waving at you.

Getting my hair cut.  Scott, who was wearing purple plaid shorts and a red polo shirt, taught me how to blow-dry my hair with a round brush and style it with a flat iron. He gave me a little side-hug when I left.  Love him so.

Finding a preschool for Liam next year.  I think it's going to be a good fit for him.

Editing for work.  I love the people who are writing articles for the new Adoption.com.  I am in awe of them, in awe of their stories.  Also, all of my co-workers.  Also awe-inspiring people.  Also, editing.  For money.  It's a beautiful job and it makes my heart feel humongous to think about it.

Getting more information about gymnastics for both the boys next year.  I think they'll love it!

The lady at Premier Therapy who answers the phone.  She is always so kind and helpful and personable.

Our neighbor friend, whose granddaughter plays with our boys all the time, took my kids (and her granddaughter, and another neighbor friend) to the park and fed them all peanut butter sandwiches. They ran around in the sun for an hour and a half while she gave her black poodles a summertime trim.

Watching two sweet women (mother and daughter) teach a bunch of 5-year-old kids how to play baseball.  It looked like something akin to herding cats.  Or managing employees.

The look on sheer joy on Liam's face when he rounded third and headed for home.

The smell of Soren's hair as he sat on my lap in the grass in the sunlight and laughed fondly with me at the basemen who ran from base to base and the batters who chased after the ball.

Going to buy the boys some treats at King's and discovering, at the register, that I had left my wallet at home.  So embarrassing. "We'll be back," I said, tugging a heartbroken Liam away from his gummy bears.  And that's when the man behind us in line said he would buy our treats for us. "I know what a pain it can be to come back," he said kindly, "especially with kids."  The cashier added our items to his purchase. Soren was in awe.  "That was so kind!" he said.  Positive male role model, I thought, and teared up a little.  

My parents showing up at our house tonight with a wheelbarrow, a truck bed full of manure, and a rototiller.  My mom drove home the car my papa had let us borrow while mine was in the shop; my daddy and husband fertilized and plowed the garden. My parents take such good care of us.  

Getting to visit with my neighbor friend Kacie for a few moments.  She showed me her latest home decorating endeavors.  Love that girl. And her home decorating.

Soren doing two chores tonight.  "Because you shouldn't have to do too much work, Mommy."


Today I feel so full.  So loved.  So cared for.  So overwhelmed with gratitude for the goodness of the people around me.

Soren at the baseball diamond during Liam's first-ever T-Ball practice.
This looks like a boy who could use some positive male role models.


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