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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Belated Birthday Post

On March 14th, I turned 25 years old.

Here's how we celebrated: A few days before my birthday, my sister, Collette, and I had a "girls' day out." We shopped, got our hair cut, and ate lunch at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. On my actual day, Abe and I went to Happy's Chinese Restaurant with my closest friends; a few weeks later we had a "family party" and Abe baked my traditional Bunny Cake. I received many lovely gifts and cards throughout the month, and while I did spend a good portion of the actual day crying and feeling generally neglected (due, once again, to extravagant and detailed expectations built up in my active imagination), I have decided that the overall experience was a positive one.

Abe and I contemplated moving the bunny cake into various locales and photographing it. I planned to post them on the blog with captions like, "The Bunny tries out Quentin's skateboard," "The Bunny contemplates its origins while sitting on the oven door," "The Bunny tries out the toilet." But it never happened. But you-all can imagine how funny it would have been.

Isn't he adorable? He looks so frightened, cowering there with his forlorn, beady little eyes. It's like he knows, deep down in that little battered (punny!) heart of his, that his existence will be brief and painful.

P.S. Please ignore the bangs. They were a bad choice. I'm growing them out as quickly as possible.


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