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Friday, November 20, 2009

Soren's First Prayer

So Soren actually volunteered to say the prayer over dinner last night.

We were standing in a little semi-circle in the kitchen-- Abe, Briar, Soren, Liam and I-- and Soren kept on saying, "Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ." Abraham thought he was just being profane, but I understood that he wanted to say the prayer, so we gave him the floor.

And this is how it went:

"Dear Heavenwee Father, Thankooforthisday"...at this, Soren wandered off into the front room with his little head still bowed and started playing with his train, mumbling more prayer talk all the while. We encouraged him to come back into the kitchen, and when he arrived he finally said his little bit about Jesus Christ and then, after some encouragement, yelled out "Amen."

So there you go. Maybe he's not a little heathen after all.


Karen said...

Little kid prayers are the best. Much more entertaining than adult prayers and so much more creative and unscripted. Go heathens!

Porterhouse said...

Owen goes for speed during prayers dearheavenfatherthanksdayblessfoodamen! No breath, no pause, nothing. So if your starving he's the one to pick.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

Kate said...

And Anonymous is me.

heidi said...

I LOVE SOREN STORIES! Also, what a WONDER of riches your blog has contained lately! I love that too. And that you and I share the same disease--finding own hubbies to be the funniest humans ever.

I also love that you have so much to say (a la the Twitter post) and that you share some of it with us.



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