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Friday, November 06, 2009

Another failed holiday.

We don't seem to have the best luck with holidays. Some of you may remember the Halloween Fiasco of 2008. Or perhaps you recall the Christmas Diasaster of 2007.

Let's just say that this Halloween 2009 was no better than Halloween 2008.

So I was trying to make some chili for the ward trunk-or-treat. Soren and Liam were both dressed up as Tigger. All was well. We would soon be off. And then, oh then, all hell broke loose.

It all started when Soren tried to intubate Liam with a mug straw. This was followed by lots of screaming from both children and a heroic effort on Abraham's behalf to refrain from doing Soren grievous bodily harm. In the chaos, I forgot all about the chili I had put on the stove on high heat. It was perfectly black and nasty by the time I did remember it, and at that point Soren had begun throwing a tantrum about how he wanted to wear his pumpkin costume and not his tiger costume. I didn't want to reward this sort of rottenness, so we stayed home and gave away all of Soren's potty training candy to kids too old to be trick-or-treating. Abe and I were both miserable and fell asleep wishing that we had never heard of having children.

I think next year I'll just cancel Halloween.


Simply Mother said...

Ask Natalya to tell you how she does Halloween. Way less stressful. Holidays need to be about relaxation and enjoying family, but somehow the stress of it all often leads to the opposite. We had a two attempts at Halloween this year, and we miserably failed the first one.

heidi said...

OOh! Sad and frustrating. Halloween's supposed to be about simple childhood joy, right?

I guess it's all the "supposed to"s and "shoulds" that put such strain on holidays in the first place.

Sounds crummy.

Karen said...

Oh don't get so down on yourself, failed holidays are much funner to read about. Plus, I've already read like a million cutesy trunk-or-treat blogs anyway. :D

Scott said...

I kinda think some holidays just don't work well until kids are a bit older and have become as excited about the festivities as you are. Right now they probably just don't realize what the hell's going on half of the time -- they're just being hauled along on another outing that Mom and Dad want them to do. I'm sure there will come a time when 'Nito can't get enough of sledding and trick-or-treating, but that may not happen until he's 4 or 8 or whatever. Once they really internalize the essential concept (holiday = presents + candy + fun) I'm sure you'll create a lot of happy memories.

Natalya said...

It was way fun to read this. >:D Do it again next year!

Lara said...

We skipped Halloween this year. Mainly because I'm always the one to take the kids around the loop, and I wanted to see if Nathan would do it if I didn't. Nope. But that's ok because he was putting down tile at the time in our bathroom. He kept answering the door with rolled up jeans and kneepads and a shirt that was about 4 inches too short. Hot.


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