Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.


Abe asked me out after I swore at him on a church-sponsored singles hike.  We got married a year later.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with highly marketable degrees in Philosophy (him) and English (me), we did what any respectable Humanities graduate would do-- we moved our jobless little bums back to Idaho to live with my parents.  

Eight months later our first son, Soren, was born. A year after that, we got our own house.  A year after that, we welcomed another little guy, Liam, into our lives.  

Buying a home and having babies have been huge for us.

Since buying a home, we have had a steady stream of live-in friends and relatives.  First Abe's brother Quentin came to live with us.  When he moved out, our friend Nick came to spend the summer.  After Nick left, Abe's sister Hillary arrived, followed shortly after by another sister, Briar.  After two years Hillary left us for grad school, but Briar remains.  Briar is like a third parent to our children and, while my unfettered love and adoration for her introverted self causes her no small amount of discomfort, I just constantly want to hug her and pat her and call her George.  In turn, Briar only has eyes for her pet ferrett, Mice.    

When I was expecting Soren, a coworker told me, "Your life will never be the same after that kid is born."   Understatement of the century.  Motherhood has rocked my world in about twenty thousand different ways.  It has also taught me that sleep-deprivation can do crazy things to the brain, like making it count compulsively by 18s.  

I have this compulsive habit of constantly scooping my boys up in my arms, kissing their soft little cheeks, and telling them that they're cute and that I love them.  This will probably cause them irreparable psychological damage-- smothering mother, anyone?-- but fortunately for them, I'm currently the HR Manager at a mental health counseling agency, so I know a lot of good therapists.  

I use this blog to lavish obsessive attention over the details of my chilluns' quirky little developing selves.  But don't worry-- it's not all sunshine and butterflies.  There are definitely moments when I want to leave one or both of my little tykes in a cardboard box at the entrance of Wal Mart with a sign that reads "FREE TO GOOD HOME." 

I also use this blog as place where I can pin down some of my thoughts about life and keep them from strangling me in my sleep.  So if you think the mommy blogging stuff is boring, don't despair: sooner or later I'll up and out with something potentially offensive.  

I also read as much as I can, and feel that I can't get 'credit' for all that reading unless I post about it on my blog.  So there are frequent "reading journal" entries that you might want to check out too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Since graduating from BYU, my brilliant and hard-working hubby, Abe, earned a Master's Degree in Library Science. He is currently languishing at a part-time job in a local public library.  If you happen to run a university library and want to give him a job with decent pay and excellent benefits, please let me know.  

I love comments more than is natural, so please feel free to comment, even if you're a total stranger.  I promise I will not think you are creepy or weird. I will only love you.  

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