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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soren: 34 Months

Dear Soren,

It's been another exciting couple of months with you. When your daddy and I got married, my parents kept telling him, "Life will never be boring for you ever again." I didn't realize that this prophecy would extend to me in the form of offspring!

I wish I could write something really long and prosy, but I don't have time this month, so I'm just going to make a couple of quick lists and be done with it:

-Kisses. You give the most adorable little kisses. Your cousins-- especially Calysta--always ask you for kisses on first one cheek, then the next. And you (usually) hand them out willingly. Sometimes when you kiss me good-bye in the morning, you kiss my lips, then my cheeks, then my chin, then my eyelids. So sweet.

-Grandma and Grandpa. You spend some time at Grandma and Grandpa's almost every single day of the week. Grandpa has taken you fishing a couple of times-- you LOVE this-- and also spent some time helping you practice your fishing skills at home by reeling in a toy four-wheeler. Grandma sat down with you on her lap and played the piano while she and grandpa sang you primary songs. You enjoyed this very much and put your hands on hers while she played.

-Speaking of pianos....your new punishment for being naughty in sacrament meeting is that you are taken out and planted on top of the piano until you beg to be taken back into the chapel. I hope that this doesn't turn you into a hater of both pianos and God.

-You like to sleep with a blanket on your head. I did this as a little kid, too. It made me feel safe; I think your motivation is similar.

-You continue to struggle with the whole poop-smearing thing I've addressed elsewhere on this blog. I noticed recently that your father had taken pictures of some of this poop smearing. I suspect he's saving them to show to me should I ever suggest having another baby.

-One night after family prayers you mentioned that you wanted to "Do Beenet." After a ridiculous amount of scrambling and charades on the part of Hillary, Daddy, and I, followed by you directing all the adults to sit on a blanket and point in a random direction, we finally figured out that you wanted us to "Be Obedient." Must have been a nursery lesson you'd had recently.

-Other than that, though, you seem to be quite Godless. You dislike church and refuse to participate in prayers at home. You must have gotten that from your father. ;)

The following are your cute words/phrases of note from the past month or so:

"Mommy be safe for me?" (Will you keep me safe, Mommy?)
"Peapock" (Peacock)
"Smilk" (Smoke)
"Geared" (Scared-- and you are OFTEN "geared." It's your new favorite emotion.)
"Hauntie" (Auntie)
"Hairpane" (Airplane)

You are my sweet little boy and I adore you.

Love, Mommy

You felt that you needed to participate at a recent Mary Kay party I threw at our house. I don't think you're ready for your own make-up consulting practice yet.

You actually asked to have your mouth taped shut. We certainly weren't going to argue.

I put you down for a nap in a tidy bedroom wearing normal clothes. When I came in to wake you up, your room was trashed and you were attired in size 0-3 month pants without a diaper and a pumpkin shirt. Must have been evil elves.

You must have heard that in a past life, before I had children, I made hats out of yarn. You asked for one and this is what you got.

Sometimes you like to wear Mommy's clothes.

You still sometimes like to be wrapped up like a burrito.


Party Planners said...

I could not stop laughing out loud at Soren's napping picture. In fact, I laughed so hard, it roused Aubrey from her "nap." (Nap is in quotations because it is a fake nap. She is trying to fake me out. But she will not prevail!)

Party Planners said...

And who the crap is "Party Planners?" you ask. Well, it is I, your lovely friend Holly. We are throwing an incognito New Years party with some friends, and I set up a blog for it. However, I had to change my name on my profile. I had noted to myself before not to comment for a while. Oops. I guess you just can't stop a sista from posting at Rach n Abe's blog.

Rachel said...

I can totally hear the cackle you would have let loose with upon viewing the Soren pic. Delightful. Sure do love you.

Nick Wheeler said...

That child is huge.

heidi said...

Somehow, Soren does manage to look simply ravishing in mommy's getup!


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