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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas 2010

It all began on November 26th, when Mommy pulled out the Christmas tree and decorations. The boys were relatively unenthused about actually adorning the tree, but thought that the new box of colorful toys was pretty awesome.

That poor tree endured a lot of tugging, rearranging, and even one toppling during the ensuring weeks; ornaments I had imagined to be unbreakable met an untimely demise.

A week before Christmas, Soren and I spent a day making holiday goodies, then dragged Daddy and Liam along with us while we delivered them to a few friends.

I would have taken more pictures of the baking and resulting tastiness, but I managed to coat a few of my fingers with some molten jello (for the popcorn balls) and had to keep one hand in a bowl of cold water for the duration of the cooking/baking event.

Recipes may follow.

Our friend Pam gave the boys a couple of cute Christmas craft kits, so we began Christmas Eve making picture frames for Grandma and Grandpa.

Soren took his crafting quite seriously.

Liam used the frame for a hat and threw the other bits on the floor.

Soren's gift for Grandma and Grandpa Hanson!

Later that afternoon we went sledding, in the proud tradition of Hanson Family Christmas Eves. This is my brother Scott with his one-year-old daughter Charlotte.

Soren and I had LOTS of fun going down the hill at Freeman Park. I'm hoping to take him again sometime before the winter's over.

Liam, a creature of comfort, was NOT pleased with the event. He didn't like the cold and he most certainly did not like riding on the sled. One short trip with Daddy was enough to convince him he didn't want anything at all to do with that orange plastic thing.

Being all chubby and cute.

And then--at last!--Christmas morning.

Which began, of course, with Soren screaming at Liam for looking at his stocking.

And Liam crying after Soren pushed him over.

Things did go uphill from there. Soren looked at his stocking.

As did Liam.

And then it was on to the presents. All Soren wanted was a remote control car. Santa Claus called him two days before Christmas and told him that he'd been a good boy and would probably get a remote control car for Christmas, so Soren was totally primed to get one.
In fact, when he saw all the presents under the tree he got a little distressed: "I don't want for there to be so many presents! I just want my remote control car!"

Fortunately, Mommy was able to pick out the package pretty quickly.

The remote control car was made by very cheap (possibly outsourced) elves, however, and it broke down on Christmas Day.

Nano (Soren's name for Quentin) got some weird computer thing. Maybe a hard drive or something.

Liam got some sweet bathtime fish.

Quentin gave Hillary loads of socks-- and I bought her a princess coloring book, with which she was quite pleased.

Abe got his usual year's supply of Smooth n Melties.

And Briar, the family darling, was showered with presents from all quarters.

My momma gave me a beautiful coat from Old Navy that I'd fallen in love with MONTHS ago but then couldn't find again on subsequent visits. It was a Christmas Miracle!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying our gifts and visiting with my family. All of my siblings were home for Christmas and it was really, really nice to be able to spend time with them, their lovely spouses, and their beautiful children.

It was a merry Christmas.


heidi said...

Scrolling down your blog page moments ago (trying to find the last new thing I'd read) I thought to myself calmly, "OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!" Lots of stuffs!

The Smooth 'n Meltie photo of Abe is absolutely fetching.

I'm DELIGHTED with your Christmas Miracle! So happy for you! My mom created a sorta samesies Xmas miracle for me years ago with embroidered jeans.

What does the coat look like? Feel like? What's it made of? And all other relevant info. (If you're seeking for quick posts to fulfill your 30 posts goal, perhaps you might do a post just on The Coat? Slash other coats or other clothes?)

Clothes are very interesting.

Oh, yeah--nice about all the family stuff, too! :D I'm happy for you. And envious of you having a niece named CHARLOTTE. Yum. A name that sounds to me like an elegant, innocent truffle who reads. Oh, hey, if you're reading this comment, Scott--GOOD JOB! On the naming. And cuting of your child.

Karen said...

If it makes you feel any better, your children are always clothed when I see them.

I love that Quentin got a "weird computer thing" and Abe got his "usual year's supply of Smooth n Melties." Also I had to look at your apostrophe in "year's" to make sure I didn't do it wrong. :D

Collette Smith said...

That is a fabulous documentation of a fabulous Christmas. Priceless!

Collette Smith said...

Some of my favorite things about having everyone home for Christmas:

1)Sharing memories of past camping trips,etc., with you sitting on the floor in the middle of everybody

2)Hearing Scott's laugh

3)Watching the grownups sled

4)At the transfer station, watching Seth hurl trash out of Dad's pickup with great flair and gusto

5)Gathering eggs with Amanda

6)Snuggling Charlotte


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