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Sunday, January 02, 2011

QIA: Reorganization

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but I must say that I am passionately in love with my newly organized linen closet. There's a clearly labeled container for everything! I've asked Abraham to lead me to the closet and open the door for therapy whenever I seem stressed out or depressed.

I really wish I'd taken a "before" picture of the top of the refrigerator but, alas, I did not. It was probably too shameful anyway. Anyhow, this is the top of the fridge. On the left is a container for my organizing binders. On the right is a container for tape, scissors, and other things that I need regularly but don't necessarily want the boys playing with. In the middle is our battery organizer. AAAs in the top, AAs in the middle, and bigger batteries in the bottom.

When we moved into our house, my dream was to make the under-the-stairs closet into a play area for our kids. This dream was shot down by loads of crap that got shoved under the stairs instead. However, I was able to get rid of some stuff and rearrange other things in order to make it possible to at least walk into the closet. We've even got a spare blanket and pillow down there for the boys to use in their imaginative games.

I organized a couple of other things as well, and all in all was able to fill an entire trunk of the car with DI donations and two garbage bags with junk that could go take up space in a landfill.

Getting rid of extra things is one of my favorite activities.

My next several QIAs are to organize the children's toys, acquire a shoe organizer for our main closet, hang up a coat hook at Soren's level so he can hang up his own coat, and to purchase a binder for storing and organizing menus.

This is going to be the BEST HOMEMAKING YEAR EVER!


Karen said...

Don't you just love organized stuff? I don't know what I'd do without my label maker. I use it for everything. And I constantly find myself needing more containers for my kitchen. That's it! I'm buying more Tupperware!

heidi said...


I had a thrifty thought for you. I used to be in need of more kitchen containers but realized I could dishwasher-wash and reuse containers that food comes in: salsa and hummus bowl-sized containers are nice for leftovers (mostly transparent) and deli meat containers are AWESOME. Paul gets the kind that COME IN TUPPERWARE. With DIFFERENTly COLORED LIDS.

For medium-sized ones, I reuse yogurt containers and sometimes mayonnaise thingies.

The biggest ones are the hardest to come by... but they're out there (really big yogurt containers, for one). OR I CAN GIVE YOU MY SPARES. I HATE to throw reusable stuff away. And Romano's Mac Bar & Grill sends home leftovers in these AMAZING containers that are PERFECT for transporting and displaying baked goodies like cookies and brownies.

Let's see. I'll keep an eye out for you when next I rummage through my cupboards. Why buy stuff when you can get stuff for free? And spare the landfills and the oceans of yet more suffocating plastic?

God I wish I could do more. But at least I do this. AND it's not just a duty (hee hee) for me but also fun 'cuz I have this insane covetous love for containers and boxes. I can't get enough. I was sad when Paul broke down the cardboard box his new bike came in, to recycle it. It looked fun to play in. (Wasn't--too narrow. But I wanted to keep it, anyway. Such a wondrously big box.)

Collette Smith said...

Nice job, Rach. Closet therapy IS good for the soul. Back when the kids were little I used to sometimes stare at the ceiling because it was the one consistently tidy surface in my home. (Hey wait a minute--it still is!)

By the way, where did you get that stunning red vase? :)


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