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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Possible QIAs

So last night after I posted about doing Quality Improvement Activities in the home, my mind went wildly aswirl with ideas for possible ways to make our home life better. I obviously couldn't sleep until every last idea had been written down, so I popped back out of bed, grabbed the laptop, and made a quick list. And here it is, in no particular order-- the things I'd like to do this year:

1) Create an actual Family Home Evening chart to remind everyone of their weekly assignments.
2) Make an updated chore chart with Soren with two types of chores: expectations and extras. Implement a weekly visit to King's where he can spend earnings from these extra chores on tooth-rotting, immune-suppressing candy.
3) Establish a regular family routine of giving back to the community. Perhaps begin a tradition of shopping for and donating food to the food bank. Possibly talk about giving nice toys to children living in a shelter, etc.
4)Expand our musical repertoire by listening to a variety of music in the morning....explore different genres while we eat breakfast: bluegrass, celtic, spiritual, classical, musicals, jazz, folk, etc.
5) Research charter and private schools in the area to fully understand educational options for the boys.
6) Consistently follow up on Soren's interests (Where do the pipes go? How does grass eat fertilizer? Who makes playdough?) with library visits and youtube videos.
7) Create a chore chart in order to divide the responsibility for a nice, clean home among the four healthy adults and two healthy children who live here.
8) Plan menus every two weeks, file them in a binder for future reference. Make a section in the binder for special holiday treats/meals.
9) Buy a shoe organizer for the front hall.
10) Organize Abe's and my closet.
11) Figure out a good system for organizing the toys and keeping them organized, rather than strewn across the house.
12) Do more crafting/artistic projects with the boys.
13) Establish regular mommy/son dates with each boy.
14) Deal with Soren's eating habits.
15) Get mornings running more smoothly (ie, no more"you'd better get on your coat now, i'm leaving now, i really am, you'd better hurry, here i go, out the door, you'd better come or you'll get left behind, i'm on my way out right now....")
16) Become more organized at creating and maintaining food storage.
17) Establish morning family prayer and scripture study.
18) Buy a little broom for Soren....teach him how to really sweep.
19) Put cute blue-checkered curtains up on the kitchen windows.
20) Look into the whole Green Smoothie situation.

So, yeah, clearly we're in need of a lot of quality improvement.


Becca said...

Green smoothies are actually pretty yummy and my kids love going into the fridge/freezer to pull out whats going in that days. It's fun and yummy.

Leslie said...

Oh, I am super excited about all of this. Please be extraordinarily detailed in your pursuits, Rachel. I would love to hitch a ride on your proverbial coattails as you develop these skills/habits/talents. My family will thank you.

Karen said...

Great ideas! I really love the organizer we got for our shoes and such. It actually fits a pair of boots unlike those other crappy ones that only fit 1 child-size sneaker. The great thing is, you can use as-is or get fabric drawers to go in them (we use the drawers for the muddy ugly boots). Anyway, the one we have is the Closetmaid Cubeicals 9 Cube Organizer from Target. It was $50. The drawers are $7 and come in a few different colors. Not a bad price and it looks pretty good!

Also I've never tried making a green smoothie... maybe I'll have to make one... I've got some spinach I need to use up...

heidi said...

I don't know what to say first!

Okay, well:

On the topic of BECCA: is the Becca who commented above the same Becca who's your (I mean, whose you're) pseudo-cousin and grew up in SLC and is/was friends with MY pseudo cousin Jamie who was in that bad accident? And did you hear that poor Jamie is getting a divorce? My dad is dreaming that maybe she'll marry my been-single-awhile brother.

I can see no flaw in arranging marriages for one's children. :)

I was so calmly cozily happy happy happy to see ANOTHER NEW POST. It's like being awoken with healthy chocolate every morning.

I love organizing so much I can't even speak of it. Too much. That's why I've not commented on the other organization posts. I just got too excited and had to go away and calm down. :D Okay, I know that's funny. But true. Also I've been sleep-deprived from the holidays so I can't be blamed for the extra emotionality! It's my BRAIN doing it! (It IS extra. Just a bit.)

And, most importantly of all: I'M SO IN LOVE WITH NUMBER SEVEN ON YOUR LIST I WANT TO BEND DOWN ON ONE KNEE, PROPOSE TO IT AND MARRY IT. In front of witnesses... I say that because it feels to me like so often, in a household, it's the person/people who MIND the messes that clean them. But EVERYONE gets the benefit, only, it's hard for everyone to truly and fairly benefit because the person (I'll stick with the singular for simplicity's sake) doing the bulk of the cleaning is often tired and possibly (justifiably) resentful and the others aren't experiencing any of the intense satisfaction of making dirty, cluttered things shiny and bright and full of freeness and light! They miss out! It's depriving of rest to the cleaner and depriving of invigorating fun for the rest (the others :D). Unfair for everyone.

(My daddy stayed home with me when I was young, and Momma worked at her career, and somehow-or-other Paul came to me with flexible gender-roles expectations... so we don't get stuck with too much of house stuff being automatically dumped on me, at all. In fact, Paul's like the wife in the family cuz he works AND he cooks and cleans (we split meals and he cleans often, when he has spare time or I get behind or company's coming) while I focus on my vocation and my hobbies! Except we try to be fair, so I guess maybe nobody's the "wife", or maybe we both are.)

BUT I still have strong feelings about the whole deal and I am in lust with #7 forever.


p.s. I'm excited for you that other people are excited. You're starting a contagious movement of hopeful positive energy!

heidi said...

p.s. If the above conjectures about "Becca" are correct, I wanna say Hi Becca! And if not I still wanna say hi, 'cuz you share your name with a nifty person (I heard so from Collette, I mean in regards to her pseudo-cousin).

The End

Collette Smith said...

We are sisters. I, too, get high on new year's resolutions.

Collette Smith said...

Also, I enjoyed the inclusion of the word "healthy" before "adults" and "children".

Pamela said...

Hey, I can help out with some of these ideas. I can build you a family home evening plaque... I can also do a chore chart for you... both are easily hangable... you let me know...


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