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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sometimes I'm kinda gross

Soren had his head on my lap in church today when I noticed that his outer ear was shamefully waxy. All logical thought processes were immediately replaced with Mothering Program 5.67, which runs the following persistent message: "Must. Remove. Smudge. With. Spit." So I licked my finger, stuck it in Soren's ear, and rubbed it around. It was only after the poor kid sat up, grabbing at his ear, looking at me as though I had lost my mind, that I realized what I had done: I had given my own child a wet willy. During sacrament meeting.

But at least his ear got clean.


breckster said...

I'm convinced that wet willies were invented by a mother.

thank you for sharing. :)

Karen said...


Lara said...

Oh, man, I do stuff like this all the time. That mothering junk is just in our hardware, isn't it?

Natalya said...

Sometimes I feel like a cow or a cat.

heidi said...

I feel like such a dork. I got instantly addicted to checking your blog every day, once you started your 30-posts challenge... Now I'm in withdrawal. To such an extent that I was THRILLED that there was even a new comment.

Good comment, Nat!


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