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Saturday, January 29, 2011

QIA: Enslaving the toddler

Issue to be addressed: Liam seemed to be a drag on the family economy. We were concerned he wasn't pulling his own weight.

Activity: Forcing him into slavery.

Methodology: Oh, you know, the usual...coercion, severe punishments, ropes, whips, that kind of thing.

Results: Successful. See for yourself!

The slave whipping up a batch of pancakes for the family.

Scrubbing the toilet. Scrub faster, boy!

(Dear CPS, I'm totally kidding. The above activities were completely voluntary; in fact, they were performed without any outside prompting.)


heidi said...

Hee hee hoo hoo! Lord, finally I know what I really need. I need a baby toilet-cleaner. You listening, Heavenly Father?

Okays, so, that's beyond adorable.

Woo hoo for all the new posts! I'm feeling addle-brained trying to absorb it all. I mean, just trying to absorb the knowledge of all that is to come. I decided to just read the two shortest posts and save the rest to savor tomorrow. You went nuts, girl! Congrats on all the wonderful stuffs I'll read later! And commiserations on anything unpleasant. You deserve only good.


Karen said...

Whipping up a batch of pancakes? Wow that Liam is amazing! You should've started this slavery drive long ago... He could have been a world famous chef by now!

Holly said...

Child labor is all the rage. I want in.

Collette said...

Ha ha ha!!!!

Lara said...

Perfect. We just started this as well. :) My latest post is on it. Great minds think alike.

Natalya said...

You say the activities were voluntary--were they in fact without parental supervision and maybe against parental desire? My toddler is always desperate to get the plunger and plunge the toilet. We, naturally, are always preventing him.


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