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Sunday, November 06, 2011


"Backers" is how Soren says "backwards."

I just forgot to post a little bit about Halloween. First, I didn't mention that we went trick-or-treating, but we did. And it was adorable.

Secondly, much earlier in the month, we went to the U Pick Red Barn pumpkin patch. We wound our way through the straw bale maze, Soren rode on the train that circles all the fields (Liam did not wish to participate), and we each picked out a pumpkin to decorate.

This is how our Jack-o-Lanterns turned out:

Soren's pumpkin. He picked this one out solely on the basis of size. In this picture it looks like a Samurai warrior with heterochromia iridum, but he later rearranged/added other features that made the final jack-o-latnern look more like a schizophrenic alien.

Liam's. He's French.

Mommy's (left) and Daddy's(right.)
I like this picture because the headless me in it looks thin and strong.

Soren noticed this year that other people carve Jack-o-Lanterns with knives and declared, "We should do it like that next year." So this may be our last year of pleasant, goop-free Pumpkin decorating. For shame.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Good post.

Nick Wheeler said...

You are thin and strong. Let's arm wrestle.


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