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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

For dinner tonight we had caramel apple slices with sprinkles as an appetizer. Then I whipped up THESE bad boys for the entree:

Pretty spooky, eh?

Then the boys dressed up (I'll skip the drama, but just imagine there was some. It's us, right?)

In case you couldn't tell, Soren is a pillow and Liam is a pirate.


And now, just to keep my blog from slipping too deeply into Mommy Blogdom, I thought I'd share with you my friend Nick's AMAZING Halloween costume.

Can you even tell which is Freddie Mercury and which is Nick? I thought not.


Nick Wheeler said...


Karen said...

OMG those costumes are killing me. A pillow?! That's the awesomest thing I've ever heard!

Also, you're way more outgoing than we were. I threw 2 miniature pumpkins out on the porch for decoration (that were supposed to be for dinner several weeks ago but I never got around to cooking). Then I unthawed some spaghetti from the freezer! Woohoo! (I guess maybe it looks like brains?) Anyway, my point is, your little mummy pigs in a blanket were adorable!

And I saw that picture of Nick on fb, but I for reals didn't know it was him! Nick, you always have the best costumes!


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