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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Child Geniuses

I was reading to the kids one evening when I stopped and asked Soren, "Do you see a 'T' on this page?" But before Soren could reply, Liam shouted, 'T!' and pointed to a the correct letter on the page. That's interesting, I thought. Was it a coincidence? So I tried another one. "Is there an 'A' on this page?" And quick as Swiper Fox, Liam shouted, 'A!' and pointed at an A. I tried again, with 'S' and again, he got it. He also recognized 'O'.

As far as I know, nobody has ever coached Liam on his ABCs. He's just a super genius, I guess. He'll totally be using three-word sentences by the time he's three.

Our baby is as intelligent as he is adorable. And slobbery.


So while Liam's been sneaking off at night with Dick and Jane, Soren's been busy making stuff...

...like this hand-bound picture book.
I showed him how to do the yarn binding, but he did the sewing and illustrating himself.

...and this friendly little pumpkin.
Totally his idea. No help from me.

...a paper towel roll monster.
Also an original idea, held together with hot glue.

...a ginger bread house
Yes, I did the gingerbread part, but he decorated this all by himself. This was a welcome way for him to use up some of that never-ending Halloween candy. The blue thing is a lightning rod. Soren learned about lightning rods while watching a cartoon about Benjamin Franklin; now he feels they are essential for preventing gingerbread house fires. And don't forget to notice the ginger dog house!

....and (drumroll, please)...an art museum.
(Liam is acting as docent here.)
I did not prompt Soren to do this AT ALL. He just painted a bunch of pictures one day and told me he wanted to make an art museum. We pulled out a big freezer box we'd been saving, taped another box on top of that so it would be big enough for me to stand up in (a modification made at his insistence), hung up the art, added some lighting (a flashlight provided by Auntie Hillary), and...voila! Art! He even colored all the walls with crayon because he thought the cardboard was too ugly. He had me write a note on the outside wall: "This Museum Is Open."

I'm telling you people, I've got prodigies on my hands. Prod.i.gies. Real cute ones.


Nick Wheeler said...

Give me the word and your babies will be in the most fabulous art galleries in the world. I'll be their agent. They'll be gaymous!

Anonymous said...

It's to be expected, after all. Just look at the magnificence of their genetic stock!


Collette Smith said...

In that first picture Liam looks EXACTLY like Albert Einstein.

heidi said...

I am so captivated by the idea of a preschool child creating his very own art gallery.

I laughed and sighed and sympathized with the eating-out post, by the way. :D

Hope all is wonderful. I'm THANKFUL for your honest, engaging, delightful blog.


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