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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Reviews

A newborn baby's mother dies of cancer the day she is born. Left to her startled and recovering-alcoholic dad, Noel, Frankie is raised not only by her father but by a neighborhood of loving neighbors and family members who rally together to support her father in his new role. The story un-sermonizingly reminds its readers that relationships, family, friends-- these are the things that matter most in life. Maeve Binchy's books always give me hope that I can be a real writer someday. They're about simple people living simple lives...but they're always captivating. If you're looking for a gentle, hot-cocoa read, complete with adorable Irish-isms, check out Minding Frankie.

A wonderfully accessible and informative book about the Neuropsychology of decision-making. Loved it. And now I know what the amgydala is!

This is the story of Doc Holladay and the Earp Brothers while they were living in the rough-and-tumble frontier town of Dodge City, Kansas, before their infamous shoot-out at the OK Corral.

Mary Doria Russell excels at character development-- and this book was no exception. I was entranced with the flesh and blood she added to these old-west legends. In fact, reading this book made me develop a little love crush on Wyatt Earp.

When I first heard about the Duggars back in '04, they "only" had fourteen children. I was mildly horrified-- but also fascinated. Who in the world would have that many children? Would the children grow grow up to be wild-eyed overly sheltered conservative Christians, crippled by their unusual upbringing? So I've kept an eye on them over the years, and when I realized they had written books, I was over it like flies on jam. This is their first book. And I must say, as I read this book I found that my at-first-horror-filled fascination bloomed into love. I love this family. They are such genuinely good people and parents-- and their story is an inspiring one about allowing God to guide your life and receiving lots of joy and blessings as a result. By the end of the book, I even started thinking that Jim Bob was a totally legit name.

I was very sorry to hear about their recent miscarriage.

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