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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hoping to Adopt

This is my friend Lara, with her husband, Justin, and their daughter, Jocelyn. Justin and Lara adopted Jocelyn in April 2009.

I know Lara through church but I've gotten to know her better through her blog. She's an excellent writer and has actually even written a novel....almost two! Reading Lara's blog has taught me a lot about infertility and adoption, much of which I wish I'd known and been able to use to help support our friends Mark and Rachel along a similar path (btw...Mark and Rachel are now the proud/exhuasted parents of two!)

One thing I learned from Lara's blog is that about half of all adoptions happen through word-of-mouth referrals, so I thought I'd do what I could to spread the word through my own little readership: Lara and Justin are hoping to adopt again. If you know anyone who might be interested in placing their baby in a wonderful home, please tell them about Justin and Lara.

(To read more about Justin and Lara on their adoption blog, click here. To read Lara's blog, click here.)

Justin and Lara have created a home that is a safe, creative, musical, joyful place. They are kind and consistent parents. They are thoughtful, intelligent people. They have faith in God and actively attend church. Their daughter is a healthy, adorable, bright little girl who seems secure in the knowledge that she has a mommy and a daddy who love her very much.

I can't imagine a better home for a child.

(In fact, now that I think about it....maybe instead of the gypsies, would Justin and Lara like Soren? Lara, what do you think? He doesn't bite! Okay, he does. But not that often! Of course I'm kidding. Sort of.)

Plus, any child placed with Justin and Lara would have this adorable child for their older sibling. And then, when Liam falls in love with and marries Jocelyn, the baby would be lucky enough to be related to me! Can't top that.

(All photos stalkerishly siphoned off Lara's blogs.)


Lara said...

You are adorable. Thanks.

Rachel said...

I love adoption! I'm glad you found my blog and commented!


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