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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liam: 12 Months

Dear Sweet Liam,

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? First you came to our home as a newborn baby, a skinny little creature with a never-ending appetite. And then you had that scary bout with pneumonia, and you were a sick little baby, with tubes in your nose and needles jammed in your head and feet and arms. And now you have grown into our fat little prince, an oversized infant who loves to be carried around like royalty.

And through these long months-- and no, as we've struggled to adjust to the demands of caring for two little people, it hasn't been a short year-- there has been a continual stream of spit-up (though that has finally dissipated!), a lot of yellow poop explosions (these have only increased), a great deal of nursing (we're cutting back on that one), and very little nighttime sleeping. And this has all been okay because-- most importantly-- you have been there through it all: Sweet William, our darling, smiley, cuddly, chubby, sweetly stubborn bundle of goodness and softness and milk and honey.

You are special, my little boy, and you are loved.

Thank you for sharing your year with us.



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Abe said...

Liam is my little girl that I will never have, that's why he's so sweet. (This is Abe.)

P.S. NO, we will not have more children.

Karen said...

I figured it out. Looks like you guys gave that kid a couple shots of hormones between March & April last year.

And Liam would make a beautiful little girl... just get him a cute curly blond wig. No one will ever know.

Nick Wheeler said...

Love that little guy.

Holly said...

What a sweetie. I want to kiss his cheeks. You'll have to kiss them for me.

And I like yo momma's hair color. (Are you gonna take that from me?)

The Butler Clan said...

Boy, don't they grow fast. But yet they get cuter as they go. THat was fun to see him change through the year. Great idea, and so special to capture time.


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