Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

And they called it cracker love.

Yesterday Liam grabbed a graham cracker off the table during snack time. Mind you, he didn't want to eat said cracker. He just wanted to hold it and look at it. And he held and admired that graham cracker for a very long time. Everything the graham cracker did delighted him. He waved it through the air and laughed. A little chunk broke off in his chubby fist, fell down, and hit him in the eye; he squealed in delight. He held the graham cracker close to his face, he held it far away. He turned it this way and that.

I was putting Soren to bed when Daddy finally took the graham cracker away from him. I heard the screaming and thought that maybe Liam had been dropped and cracked his head open. Then I realized that his heart had been opened by a cracker, then dropped.

I shouldn't be allowed to blog after 10 pm.


Natalya said...

That's so interesting, that he doesn't try to put the cracker in his mouth. Does he put plastic things in his mouth?

Rachel said...

Liam's not a big put-stuff-in-the-mouth kid. He'll put some things in his mouth some times, but it isn't his big thing. This is in stark contrast to Soren, who put EVERYTHING in his mouth ALL THE TIME.

Liam did eventually put the graham cracker in his mouth, but when Abe pulled it back out, he quickly returned to looking at it and didn't try to mouth it again. Again, this is in stark contrast to the way Soren would have responded at this age.

Hillary said...

I think you should write late at night more often. I thought that was a hilarious story, and I'd already witnessed it happening.


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