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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black haired woman.

When we got home from church today, Abe took some pictures of Liam in his new suit and I got to get in on the action. I am posting this for two reason: 1) I like my legs, and 2) Ya'll haven't seen my black hair yet, have you?
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Karen said...

Woah... sexy lady! How is it possible that my hair is a completely different color than yours is if you used the exact same stuff?! And how come you got yours to come out so much darker? No fair! Harrumph.

Nick Wheeler said...

Totally sexy. Look at your calves!

Holly said...

Foxy lady! It must be that March air. It is the best month ever, I hear.

Natalya said...

that must be some desk job if you get tone like that. or maybe it's after you get home and chase soren around while packing 30 pounds of baby.

Rachel said...

Karen - LOL. Though I used the same brand, I didn't use the same color. It's "soft black."
Nick-I heart you.
Holly-Yay for March! Two days 'til March 4th!
Nat- They work me hard here at A-Z. :)

heidi said...

How did I not comment on this?

Well, my heartfelt response to this was: Va va voom va va voom! (According to the Urban Dictionary, this means: A girl who looks mad good.)

I love love LOVE your new hair. So dramatic. (We should co-model, what with our daring hairstyles.)


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