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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Liam: October 2011

Liam loves music. He loves singing and being sung to. Today he made up a song. I call it the Shoe Song. It goes something like this: "Shoe, shoe, shoe. Song, song, shoe song, song song."

Speaking of shoes, first thing in the morning, after he's had his bath, Liam is nagging me to put on his shoes. If he's awake, he wants his shoes on.

Liam is an outside kid. He loves to be free to roam around outdoors. At my sister's house, he'll take off down the dirt road that runs along the edge of their property and get real mad if anyone suggests he change his course. This usually involves some sort of self-inflicted face plant in the dirt.

He is also a thrower. He loves to throw stuff: balls, toys, food. He throws stuff when he's happy. He throws stuff when he's mad.

He has taken to calling me "Daddy" as of late. He'll greet me when I come home from work, wiggling all over like a puppy, with a bright and enthusiastic, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

The child gets pretty ridiculous when he's tired. He laughs hysterically at the littlest provocation. He is also a morning person. Five AM is not an unheard of wake up time for our child. This is not pleasing unto me.

Today I caught Liam licking a cube of butter like it was an ice cream cone. He was grinning from ear to ear but didn't protest when I took it away.

We bought a bunk bed and moved Soren into Liam's room. After a couple of rocky weeks, the big boy bed/sharing a room combo seems to have taken. In fact, they don't even wake up when the other one does. Soren will be screaming for me and Liam will be completely sacked out....and vice versa.

Liam's favorite word lately is "what." And he'll say it more like an order than a question. It agitates Soren, who will repeat himself louder and louder each time Liam says "what." A conversation Abe overheard outside the boy's bedroom door one night:

Soren: Liam, did you know that I love you?
Liam: What!
Soren: Did. You. Know. That. I. Love. You?
Liam: What!
Soren: I! Love! You!
Liam: What!
Soren: gives up

Another cute thing he likes to do is say, "Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?" to get our attention. When one of us asks, "what?" he'll say, "Um......." and then make up something, like "bacumadumamum."

Sentences he's using: "Watch a movie?" "There you are." "Where is it?" "Here you go." "Want some more."

He says "please" like this: "eeeeeeeeeese?" all rising up in tone. Hard to resist.

A bad habit he's picked up from Soren is asking "Why?" whenever we tell him no.

This is something he doesn't have to do very often because it's hard to ever say no to the child due to his cuteness and sweetness.

Liam is my little cuddlebucket of love is very snuggly and schmooshy. I want him to be two forever.

Sure love that little guy.

(Photos taken by Andrea Rausch in April 2011.)


Lara said...

Awww, I love his shoe song.

Collette Smith said...

He shore does look like Baby Grandpa Hanson.

heidi said...

That's the best conversation I've ever over-overheard.

I love the name Daddy! I hope when I have kids I get to be the daddy.


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