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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Soren's Continued Career as a Grafitti Artist

Since the events of September 24th, Soren has:

1) Drawn a self-portrait in crayon on his bedroom wall.
2) Colored the bathroom counters with my eye shadow. Twice.
3) Covered the kitchen table and floor with Elmer's glue.
4) Drawn on the kitchen cabinets with a black permanent marker.
5) Used food coloring to dye his brother's hair blue and green.
6) Sprinkled glitter all over the upstairs of the house.
7) Smeared an unidentifiable blue substance over several surfaces in our home.

He must think scrubbing walls, tables, floors, chairs, etc. is fun.


Becca said...

Apparently the punishment of choice did not work.

Lara said...

Insanity. How do you survive?

Karen said...

At least it wasn't an unidentifiable brown substance...

Collette Smith said...

I like all the above comments.

It is good that this future household-name art-eest will have a well-documented childhood for all future parents of budding geniuses to draw upon.

heidi said...

My reaction: oh, dear. And I wracked my brain trying to think of something comforting to say and the one idea I had was STOLEN by that clever Karen.

At least it wasn't excrement!

Although--isn't organic matter easier to clean than paint?

I've got nothing.


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