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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mod Podge Madness

I've been thinking about Mod Podge a lot lately. I had two Mod Podge experiences within a month--my first Mod Podge crafting experiences EVER--and now I just can't get the stuff out of my head. Mod Podge...it's like a miracle paste. It's a glue, a sealer, and a finisher....ALL IN ONE. You can Mod Podge paper, you can Mod Podge fabric...you can Mod Podge things onto dishes, walls, wood, cement, ceramic, paper, possibly even children...

I kid you not, I am kept awake nights thinking of amazing things I could make using Mod Podge.
I want to do projects like this:

Except that I would do it on my kitchen cupboards and use some sort of rooster theme. You can Mod Podge something like this onto contact paper so it's not permanent-permanent too, if you're decorating commitment shy, like me. Pretty cool, eh? Eh?

Wouldn't this be a great gift for a grandma? Though I'm not super keen on the red ribbon. Or the close-upness of the pictures. But you get the idea.

Soren really loves puzzles and this would be such a fun challenge for him. Plus, it's six puzzles in one! He had some store-bought ones like these when he was a baby, and they were really cool. They've since been mangled and lost, but a new set--maybe with pictures from a magazine--maybe with pictures of the boys together--would be cool, eh?

Apparently I'm not alone in my obsession, because there's an entire blog devoted to Mod Podge crafts. I feel that you should check it out. And if you want to come to my house and get your Mod Podge groove on, come on over. The pasting is fine.


Kristy Skoy said...

You are becoming a CRAFTER!! =D

Natalya said...

Kristy is right. I look at crafty things and have absolutely no opinion on their merits, not because I don't WANT to but because I am helpless in crafty-land. But you somehow KNEW that you didn't like the red ribbon. And you zero-ed in on the dislike of the close-up pics. I don't know how you knew that, but I take my hat off to your innate skill. Plus, yay for you for improving yourself on something you want to improve yourself on. I myself am pretty impressed that I pretty consistently keep the kitchen clean. Something I've worked on forever. Maybe I'm just crawling out of the swamp of squalor and will be able to now see enough to get some crafter-skills on. Anyway, good going.

Karen said...

I've become addicted to Pinterest ever since you showed me the ways. And everytime I see anything Mod Podge on there I think of you and your obsession. Which is a lot. And it makes me smile.

p.s. Because of you I made CRAFTS!


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