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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soren Update: January 2013

While driving home with the boys tonight I was singing to them about the old lady who swallowed a fly.  I got to the end, the part where she swallows a horse....and Soren stopped me.  "Let's end it this way, okay?  I know an old lady who swallowed a horse...How aporse!  To swallow a horse!"  And then he added on serveral verses, making it "jippotamus to swallow a hippopotamus," "schinoceros to swallow a rhinoceros," "kelephant to swallow an elephant..."   Finally, when she swallowed a giraffe, he said, "She's dead, of course-- what do you think of that!"  He was happy with that for a while, then spent quite a while giggling, in true six-year-old boy fashion, about how hilarious it would be for her to poop out all the animals.  

A Halloween Planet
(dictated to Mommy as an entry in his Invention Notebook)
The bushes are black and look like bats.  The peoples' heads look like bats, their tummies are ghosts, and they have monster legs.  They also have 12 eyes.  The houses are very, very tall and have lots of bats inside.  There is a ghost monster who has 100,001 eyes.  Its feet will be as long as hundreds of beds.  The water is black and the islands are shaped like bats.  There will be a million billion suns.


We do not watch "BBC Life," we watch "ABC Life."  Likewise, we do not watch "Mythbusters," we watch "Smithbusters."


While we were driving home from Grandma's house one evening, Soren asked me why power lines were up so high.  "So that it's harder for people to ruin them or get electrocuted on them," I told him.  "Why can't we just tell people not to touch them?"  he asked.  "Because sometimes people are very dumb and do very dumb things."  He was intrigued by this idea.  "What else do these dumb people do, Mommy?"  "Uh.....they don't brush their teeth before bed," I told him. . "What else do they do?"  "They, um, don't buckle their seatbelts."  "And what else?"  "Er...they run with scissors!"  And for several days afterward, Soren would periodically ask me to tell him more about these dumb people.

Because he can't whistle, Soren will walk around singing "Foofoofoofoofoo!"


The Christmas season was a bit rough at our house.  The day after Thanksgiving, we set up two Christmas trees: our main one in the front room and a little one in the boys' room.  The first debacle occurred a week later when Soren decided to move all of the decorations from the tree in the front room to the tree in his bedroom.  Mommy threw a little fit when she returned home from work to find her tree undecorated. The next occurred when he decimated the bedroom tree during a timeout, smashing several ornaments in the process. The third happened when he pushed over and ripped apart the front room tree after not getting his own way.  Then he shredded the adorable Magic Eraser/popsicle stick person he had made as my Christmas gift.  Both the trees were removed and only one returned on Christmas Eve.


Soren burst through the door after school one day, breathless.  "Mommy!" he called.  "Mommy!  I saw a train with ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY cars and just ONE engine!  I had to run all the way from the bus stop to tell you because I'm not very good at remembering!"


Soren recently informed me that he has a girlfriend.  "Her name is Brynlee," he told me.  I got to meet Brynlee a few days later while volunteering in his classroom.  She is a very cute little girl.  Upon discovered that I was his mother, she informed me that Soren was very funny.  Then she remarked, "Soren thinks I'm his girlfriend."  "Are you his girlfriend?" I asked.  "No!" she told me.  "I'm just a kid!  Kids just have friends!"


Soren knew that his Uncle Quentin and Auntie Tailour were traveling across the country with their little baby, Oliver.  When it was his turn to pray, he made sure to ask that they be protected while they traveled.  He came up with this entirely on his own, without prompting or even hearing anyone else pray for their safety.  This was particularly delightful to me because he generally hates to pray and avoids it at all costs.


Frequently Soren will ask me to tell him "about a bad thing that happened."  He loves to hear stories about times I've been locked out of my house, my car has broken down, or a baby peed on someone.

Modeling some body art.

Oh my gosh, they're touching the same toys and nobody has exploded yet.

Captain Underpants!

Striking some poses.  

On his very first day as a 6-year-old.  Poor little guy was sick, so we had to celebrate a few days later.


heidi said...

I think I might have an idea why you find yourself with so little energy at the end of the day. :D

(That's mainly me being silly--I think in your Resolution Post you mentioned it all started when you were around 20? I think if I'm doing my math right, Soren wasn't around then.)

I think I might have some stories of bad things happening for Soren! One involves a person being rude and mean (not me of course) and another involves poop. And! I have a good locked-out-of-the-car story but it involves my dad hitchhiking so it mayn't be appropriate.

Mayn't. heh heh.

Holly said...

Outrage! Aubrey is insanely jealous of said Brynlee. Good thing the little she-devil sees the relationship as "friendship." Or else she'd have to watch out. (Actually, re-reading this, I sound a bit creepy. Just kidding, Bryn. I am sure you're a doll.)


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