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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Soren is SIX

On January 1st, Soren rang in the new year the way he will always ring in the new year: by having a birthday.  

Unfortunately, he was sick.  His birthday celebration was postponed until the following Saturday.  But when Saturday arrived, celebrate we did!  

Here's the birthday boy, eating the chocolate orange the Smiths gave him. He was a little obsessed with that thing and devoured the bulk of it on the first day.    
Notice the gigantic snowflake in the background.  He made it.  

The guests hanging out and playing with balloons.  I tried to initiate a game of hot potato, but Soren wasn't interested.  We've started a tradition of turning the Christmas tree into a birthday tree for Soren.

Soren's cousins pretending to be stars.

Soren requested a "Max" cake again.  This year he wanted it to be based on an episode where Max paints and makes a huge mess.  I emailed Briar a picture and she reproduced it beautifully, freehand, on the cake.  

Soren has wanted a Dream Lite FOREVER and his Grandma and Grandpa Hanson indulged his fantasies.  He's also showing off his wallet, which was made fatter by Nana Forbes' six dollar contribution.

Liam noticed this year that Soren was getting presents and he wasn't getting anything.  It was a little hard to take, but he coped, as he always does, quite well.  

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Natalya said...

I've seen pinatas that have party hats sticking out all over, exactly like the star kids, they better watch out....


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