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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reading Journal: Healthy Eating

Get Naked Fast

Diana Stobo has an awesome story.  Check it out here.   This book was loaned to me by my friend Shacone and is an awesome, quick guide to "going raw."  It's all about using food to fight disease and increase your vitality.  It got me thinking more about the enzymes in my food and has provided some delicious recipes and ideas for helping me turn my diet into one that promotes optimal health.  I've stolen her mantra, "No Dairy. No Meat. No Sugar. No Wheat."  (I omitted "alcohol" and "caffeine" because it throws off the rhythm and rhyme and I've never been a consumer of either.)  Check out her website and youtube channel for awesome ideas for cooking delicious, family-friendly raw meals that will provide oodles of vitamins and minerals to allow your body to do the things it needs to do!

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook

I stumbled across this book when I did a Google search for "elimination diet," hoping to find guidelines for definitively identifying potential problem foods in my diet.  I read a little of the authors' website, checked out some reviews on Amazon, and then shot an email to my mama telling her I wouldn't be offended if she bought this for me for Christmas.  And I LOVE it.  I wouldn't NOT be able to be doing the super freakishly healthy diet that I'm on right now without the awesome guidance provided by this book.  The author provide some compelling arguments for eating a plant-based diet, descriptions of the different staples they recommend adding to your diet, and lots of fabulous, healthy recipes.  

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Shacone said...

I am soooo going to check out that other book you found, sounds FABULOUS!
Still cheering you on!!!


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