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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liam Update: January 2013

An image:  We are trick-or-treating, Soren and Liam and I, walking around the block to beg for candy from the neighbors.  Soren is focused on getting treats.  Mommy is focused on getting done.  Liam is trailing behind.  Suddenly, he stops.  A flock of geese passes overhead.   Hands at his sides, head thrown back, his face shines as though he is conversing with the angels.  "Birds!" he calls.  They are miraculous.

We attempted potty training for a few weeks,  but when I grew weary of hefting a 42-pound kid onto the toilet every hour and STILL washing poop out of underpants, I raised a white flag.  We'll try again soon.

When people ask Liam how he is, he proudly responds with, "I'm Liam!"

Liam has been passing through his 3-year-old picky eater phase (at least, I hope it's passing!), so I wasn't terribly surprised when we couldn't persuade him to eat more than a croissant on Thanksgiving.  He then went downstairs to watch football with the cousins and threw up on their leather couch.  I've never seen a room clear so quickly, though as the cousins rushed out, their mother, like a brave firefighter, ran in.  She heroically cleaned up the vomit so I could focus on soothing my sad child.

In the mornings while I'm exercising I'll occasionally need a little extra weight for squats and lunges.  Liam is always willing to drop whatever he's doing and quietly ride around on my shoulders for a few minutes.  So sweet.

Liam is always very good about thanking me for things.  "Oh thank you, Mommy," he'll say.

I gave in to Liam's begging at WinCo one day and let him walk beside me instead of riding in the cart.  I turned my back to pick out some portobello mushrooms and when I turned around, he was gone.  Soren and I ran up and down aisles, desperately trying to find him.  Panicked, I cornered a worker in the produce department.  "My child!  He's missing!  My four-year-old child!"  The worker found someone to call customer service and sent me up to the desk.  We found him on the way there-- walking between two store employees.  Oh Lord, thank you.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm reading.  What are you doing?"
(He'll say this even if there is not a car in sight.)

I caught him giggling in his sleep.  It was so cute.

Liam scared Mice one day.  Briar said, "Hey!  Be gentle!"  So Liam toddled over to Mice and tried to give him a hug.  "Please hug?   Please hug?"

When Liam is doing something he thinks is amazing, he'll say "Ahtch dis!"  (Watch this.)

When he's done something he thinks is amazing, he'll shout, "Ah did it!"

During the past little while, Liam has developed an irrational fear of trains.  Periodically he'll inform us that he's scared.  "What are you scared of?" we'll ask.  "I scared a train," he'll inform us solemnly.  This reminds me of Soren's irrational fear of lions

For his birthday, Soren was given a guitar that Liam immediately fell in love with.  Whenever he has a moment, he'll pick it up, strum its unmelodious strings, and make up little songs.

Liam pronounces the word "pumpkin," "popcorn."

Liam's church teacher took this picture of him.  Isn't he such a handsome little prince?  He's officially in PRIMARY now, which totally blows my  mind.  

Modeling Mommy's winter gloves.  



A tattoo given to him by his brother.

Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Dressed up as a "spooky" Christmas ghost.


heidi said...

Even though I've never met him in person, Liam seems EXACTLY like the kind of person who WOULD giggle in his sleep!!!!

And your story about quickly finding him after he got lost made me a bit teary.

The photos are darling, darling, darling.

Holly said...

This post made me desperately want to be in your home. On the floor coloring with you and Liam. And drawing tattoos on people with Soren.

Natalya said...

I love your blog.


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