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Monday, July 16, 2012

Snuffer Visit 2012

Abe's sister and her husband, Nate, and their two kiddos came to live with us for three weeks.  They are a lovely family and it was fun to have them here.  I kind of slacked in the picture-taking department, but this is what I've got of their visit here:  
Chase (far right) is six.  Maya (middle) had just turned five before arriving at our house.  They kept my kiddos occupied much of the time.  Chase and Maya spent a lot of time pretending that Chase was a baby named Juicy and Maya was his mother.  Sometimes to switch things up, I got to be the mother and Maya was the Grandma. 

 One day the kids helped me make cupcakes.  Maya somehow ended up with chocolate on her forehead.   If you look closely, you can see Nate in the background.  
And yes, that is Liam looking very pregnant.  He's due any day now.  

 When Chase and Maya learned that at our house you can do chores to earn tokens that can be spent on toys and candy, they very enthusiastically did any household task I requested of them.  They were forever asking if there was anything they could do to earn tokens.  I wish Soren would catch their excitement. 

1 comment:

heidi said...

I love the bazillions of posts! Love love love it.

This is a response to the Liam Update: I'm so touched that Liam offers comfort to his brother even when Soren's been picking on him. So sweet to have such instant forgiveness. I'm envious. Also, the answer to "what kid [puts himself to bed]?" The bestest.

Is it just me or does Liam look so like his daddy? Also: does he have red hair? And is he really as delightful as you say? It seems unpossible.

It made me so happy, the snapshots of those two children so vigorously doing chores. What joy. It's a crazy wonderful system you have going and I'm glad that two someones walked in who could fully appreciate it.

And: do you have a deck??

Seems like a full and happy house.

More responses later. I can't keep up with all the posts! Ecstasy of abundance.


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