Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


More than anything, I want my boys to be each others' best friend.  Soren still occasionally tells me that he wishes Liam were dead, so I don't think they're quite there, but they do play together adorably sometimes.  

On the trampoline at my sister's house.   

 At a park with Daddy.

 Playing dress-up in the kitchen. 

Playing "Bridge." 

Liam looking on in alarm at Soren's flamboyant cross-dressing dance moves.

Soren excitedly telling me about Liam's new hair clips.

Twin burritos. 

In the sandbox with Mommy.  I love sandboxes.

Soren pretending to tuck Liam in for a nap.  

1 comment:

Lara said...

I bet someday they will be best friends. My sister and I did pretty good as kids. As teens we hated each other. And now I wouldn't give up my sister (either of them) for anything in the world.


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