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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Happy Post

I'm feeling perfectly contented and wonderfully happy tonight.

Spent a sunny day with my gorgeous little boys.  

We went fabric shopping and I couldn't resist Liam's happy shiny little face when he ran up to me with the package of fingerpaints he found.  And then I told Soren that he had to pick between the two "soft" things he wanted ("It's the craft fur or the curtain tassel, boy!"), but when he sweetly acquiesced and selected the craft fur I was all, "Oooooh!  You're too sweet!  We'll get the tassel too."   

We went to the bookstore and they each picked out some books.  Liam even sprawled out on the floor on his belly to flip through the books he found.  When the clerk rang rang us up and told me, "Thirty-seven even," Soren asked, "Is that lady speaking Anglish?  Or is that Spanish?"  

Grandma and Grandpa Hanson sweetly watched the boys for me while I took a nap in their guest room.  

Then we got snowcones and ate them in a patch of grass by the highway.  Liam tried several snowcone eating methods (straw? spoon? drink?) but finally settled on using his fingers.  Soren got sick of his halfway through and asked me to tell the lady in the Snowshack that the snowcones started out tasting yummy but got yucky at the end.  

We went grocery shopping and they didn't whine or beg.   

We came home and I cooked, not one, but two nutritious dinners (one for tonight-- one for tomorrow!).  Liam helped by sauteeing mushrooms and onions.  Soren helped by sprinkling spices on the chicken.

We danced in the kitchen to Haydn's surprise symphony and Beethoven's fifth.  

And then their good-lookin' daddy came home and we all went to the park.  Liam made friends with the angsty teenagers sitting on the stage in the park shelter.  Soren wallowed around in the dirt.  Daddy sat on the top of the jungle gym and chatted with Soren.  Mommy kept an eye on Liam and read Take the Cannoli.          

We brought the kids home, bathed them, and put them to bed.  (They were even too tired to even remember to employ any bedtime delay tactics!)

And then I went for a solid run.  

All in all, a very good day.    

Can I just tell you how desperately in love I am with my little family?  How precious they are to me?  My sweet, supportive husband and those blue-eyed little boys--they are my everything. My only complaint is that the boys are growing so quickly.  I just want to freeze them, just how they are.  Keep their little cheeks heart-breakingly smooth.  Keep them little enough to curl up in my lap for a story or a cuddle or a song.  Keep them young enough to always love being chased and tickled, to always notice every butterfly and airplane, to ask endless questions.  They are little angels, pure and lovely and perfect (even when they're caked in mud and acting less-than-angelic!)  I'm so grateful they are ours.  

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Nick Wheeler said...

Oh, this post made me so happy.


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