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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liam Update: July 2012

At bedtime, Liam asks me to lie down with him by patting his pillow and saying, "Bed!"  Once I'm lying next to him, he'll insist on giving me kisses.  "Kith Nose," he'll say, and kiss my nose.  "Kith Eyes," is next, and he'll kiss my eyes.  Then, "Kith Hair," and he kisses the top of my head.   Last is "Kith mouth," and he'll plant a peck on my lips.  When he's done with kisses, he'll say, "Enough!"  Enough, Mommy!"    

One day when his Uncle Quentin and Aunt Tailour were visiting, Liam was playing a game with them that involved sneaking.  He has a very exaggerated, squatty sneaking-up technique that involves a lot of elbow swinging and knee bending.  They both thought it was hilarious.    

Liam taught himself how to jump, finally.  Legs shoulder-width apart, feet splayed out, he swings his chubby little arms and clears the floor by about a quarter inch.  He is in ecstasy.  I overheard Soren say to his Aunt Tailour: "Isn't it 'coo' that Liam can jump so well even though he's so little?"  

Liam's new favorite word: "Nnnnnnnno!"

Whenever Liam hears a rooster crow, he says, "I'm coming, Rooster!"  One day he was flying jellybeans into his mouth and making them say, "I'm coming, Liam!"

One morning I told Soren that if he hurt Liam again, we wouldn't go to the park as planned. He was offended by this, and spent some time pouting around ostentatiously.  I was doing my best to ignore him but Liam, seeing his brother distressed, toddled up and offered him a hug.

One evening Liam expressed an interest in going potty in the potty.  He sat down on the training toilet and Soren immediately rushed in with a stack of books to keep him occupied. He also planned to do a pooping demonstration on the big potty but Liam got bored (or maybe uncomfortable!) and decided to quite potty training for the day.

Liam does this adorable thing where he'll be running along and suddenly stop, back up a few paces, get a grim and determined look on his face,  then barrel forward.  It reminds me of a cross between a toy cars you wind up by pulling backwards and a football player heading in for a home run.  

He climbed into bed and fell asleep all by himself.  What kid does that?  

Liam is a joy.  Everyone loves him.  Even when he's being obstinant and defiant, he's adorable.  Even when he's woken up for the sixth time in a single night, he's precious.  It's just impossible to be mad at him.  He is my snuggly buggly cuddlebucket of love.      


Karen said...

So adorable! I didn't realize how big Liam had gotten until I saw the pic of him sitting on Abe's lap! Love the pic of him with the hair clips and Soren's big eyes :D

The Butler Clan said...

He is getting so big. cute little guy. Is that your mom's table and benches that I see in your kitchen?? Many happy memories were made sitting at that table in my childhood, ahhh...the wonderful summers spent at your house eating toast and apple butter at that table. Isn't funny how a picture can ignite a flood of memories, very happy ones at that?

Eric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric said...

I enjoyed reading about the boys. Really good stuff, truly. My only concern is that referred to football players striving for the home run. Generally, football players are trying to gain yardage toward a magical space called the "end zone", where a touchdown is scored. Of course, there's a group of other football players on the other team that are attempting to thwart that effort and pummel the brains out of the fool about ready to score a "touchdown". We don't call it touchdowned or touchdownoful, but "score a touchdown". Baseball player hit a "home run"...then they run...to homeplate or "home". They don't have to run very fast, mind you, because that dword ball is hit out of the park. The tend to moisy around to eventually "homeplate" or "home", hence, home run.

Now, my thinking is that you are trying to "get our goats", maybe making fun of our national sports, or mebbe you don't know (I doubt that, cause yer smart). The logical conclusion is that you went throgh a STAR TREK time warp/disturbance in the time-space continuium and went to an alternative universe with an alternative earth where football players score home runs and baseball players score touchdowns.

The only thing I can say about that is..."Come back, Rachel, before it's too late"

Rachel said...

Jenn-- it IS the same table! I love that you remember it.

Eric-- I'm not gonna lie. I was taken in by the Star Trek time warp. But don't worry! I'm back now. Please don't tell my mother about my little faux pas, nor let her in on the fact that I didn't pick up on it through two proofreads. She might remove me from the will.


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