Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Though there's still time for good food, friends

Documentary Night helps keep us sane. Here we are enjoying some DELICIOUS burgers cooked by Nicky. What you don't see is the fear in our eyes: Soren's in his swing for now, but he won't stay there forever. And when he gets out, we know our peaceful picnic moments are numbered. That child is out of control.

Speaking of documentary night friends, another piece of news is our lives is that Uncle Sue is living with us for the next couple of months. Lest any of you be scandalized, let me say that Abe is just fine with my having an affair with him, were that to happen. Just kidding! Nick is gay. So don't be scandalized. (And hey! Nick! This means I'm 'out' for you!)

My favorite Uncle Sue moment thus far: Nicky came home early one morning nursing a 64-ounce bottle of some sort of cola. Soren, looking up from his pancakes, suddenly wanted only one thing: some of "Sue's juice." I told him no, that it was a grown-up drink and he couldn't have it. He accepted this, but kept a close eye on Nicholas who, much to his horror, drank a little bit more and dumped the rest down the sink. He didn't say anything, but furrowed his eyebrows and I could almost here his thoughts: "Hey! You didn't need to waste that! I'm right here and I'm so thirsty!"


Nick said...

I came home from utah and had 8 unread blog items. 7 were yours. Wow. Way to go! And living here ... it's been delightful.

Holly said...

Sigh. I wish Uncle Sue resided at our home. You are a lucky lass, indeed.

Karen said...

I feel so 'scandalized'... :D


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