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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liam's Medical Saga: Gratitude List

There were some good things about this experience, and they were things I thought about a lot while we were in the hospital.

First, I am so grateful for the medical care we received. Our sweet little smiley chublet baby wouldn't be with us today if it weren't for all the available medical technology and knowledgeable doctors and nurses who helped Liam. I am SO GRATEFUL that I didn't lose my baby.

I am also very grateful that Abe's job has a benefits package that includes comprehensive medical insurance. Of the $67,000.00 in medical bills that we've racked up in the past two months, we will only end up paying about $4,000. That's about 6% of the total bill.

I am grateful that we had friends and relatives who were willing to help out in so many different and wonderful ways (see two posts down).

I am grateful that I had several quiet days to spend with Liam. It was a wonderful chance to get to know him without worrying about taking care of Soren too.

I am grateful that, in our absence, Soren was cared for by people who love him.

I am grateful that our employer was so generous and understanding about our need to be away during this time. I am also grateful for the benefit of sick/vacation leave pay.

I am grateful that Abe was there. He's the best. We talked, we laughed, we went on walks around the hospital grounds, we cuddled together and read books. In some ways, our time at PCMC was like a getaway vacation without any privacy and with very cramped sleeping quarters. (That reminds me of something my friend Holly wrote me once in a greeting card: "I love you like a festering wound that does not hurt but is pleasant.")

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