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Monday, June 01, 2009


Pictures of Liam looking miserable--but sweet-- in PICU.

Also, I recognize that this is getting a little long. In fact, Abe and I just had the following conversation about the length of this so-called Medical Saga:

Rachel: I think people are going to start thinking, 'I don't give a freaky freak about your freakin' freaky medical freakiness.'
Abe: ...
Rachel: Or maybe they'll be like, 'I give a freak, but not THAT much of a freak.'
Abe: It IS pretty freaky.

(So don't feel bad if you don't read it.)
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The De Souzas said...

Rachel, I ventured over to your blog after seeing the url on the google document Tianna did. Hope you don't mind that I'm sneaking peeks at such intimate details of your family's life.

I just want you to know that I've read every word of little Liam's medical saga, and I'm sincerely interested in every freaky bit of the freakishness. :)

I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. Nothing is so heart-wrenching as being a mother.

Also, if you ever find yourself at Primary Children's again (and I PRAY you do not) and you're in need of free room and board, please contact me! We're only 15 minutes away from the hospital.


heidi said...

I TOTALLY second that Leslie person! I'm interested in every freaky deaky detail, also, and I think people who DON"T read every word of your absorbing writing SHOULD feel bad. And guilty.
That's sorta along the same lines as something I told Marty once: "Never miss out on a chance to worry. That's my motto."

(Have I told you that story before? Probably. I cherish the memory of the look of horror he gave me before he noticed the grin on my face...)

Also, I think you should know--your sis-in-law Karen was SO happy you guys got to sleep at their place (ON "CLEAN SHEETS THANK GOODNESS" she wrote me). And I think she was tapping her foot at work, all that long day, just waiting to rush home and try to feed you some enchiladas or take care of you in some way or other.

My point: You're so loved!

And this event is a reminder to all of us that FREAKINESS can lie in wait for all of us... and to enjoy days of health and normalcy. They're so so so so precious... and SO easy to take for granted.



heidi said...

p.s. Pictures unbearably poignant.

Karen said...

I too have been reading all of your medical saga posts. I'm amazed at all the details you remember being in your sleep-deprived incredibly stressed out state. I'm so glad Liam is getting back to normal these days, poor little guy! And you guys are always welcome to come crash at our place whenever you want(sick baby not required!)

Porterhouse said...

I hope I'm not a freak for wanting to know what happened but also wanting to give you your space and privacy. I am glad all is well.

The Peterson's said...

I will have to agree about what Karen said about your detailed posts...Its like reading a book! I'm so glad to hear that things are looking better. Please let me know if you need anything...ANYTHING!! I know how much fun it is to watch your tiny baby get poked and messed with! We love you guys!

Kate said...

I'm reading.

Rachel said...

I'm so happy to hear that i'm not boring the dickens out of all of you.

Also, if I didn't want everyone in the whole world to read it, I wouldn't write it. So don't feel snoopy. It's my own exhibitionism coming into play.

Karen: We're totally going to take you up on your offer one of these days. We want to take our boys to the Hogal (SP?) Zoo this summer sometime...

Rebecca: It makes me very happy that you're reading my blog between chasing around two small children and carrying a third under your ribcage.

Amy: One of these days I'm going to get over my fear of intruding and make you have a playdate with me!

Collette said...

Belly laughs over "freak" repeat, but especially over Abe's "..."!


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