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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Physical Effects of Motherhood

Besides widening my hips, my four plus years of mothering have brought a couple of unexpected changes to my body.

First, my fabulous biceps:

I got these babies from carrying my 30+ pound toddler/infant everywhere he wants to go. Also from hauling Soren off to his bedroom for frequent time-outs.

And this, my latest addition: a white hair. I'm actually quite enamored with the thing. It's almost like a prize...something to show for all my stress and middle-of-the-nights and worrying. I think it might be almost as awesome as my biceps.

I find myself showing these things to anyone I think might bear even a semblance of caring about them ("Hello, Elderly Man in the Checkout Line! Would you like to see my white hair and my biceps?"), so I figured hey, why not share them with the internets? So here you go, internets: a little gift from me to you. Enjoy.


Lara said...

Nice guns!

Pamela said...

Oh Honey if only you knew the half of it all... I have 9+ years of motherhood under my belt, and I do mean UNDER my belt... which has expanded to include not only Idaho but Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Oregon, and Nevada.(And yes that is a fat joke... hehe) I have sparkly silver hairs, and many other fun issues. So congrats on making it this far! Hugs and Loves!

Nick Wheeler said...

You and I are so similar. Do you want to see my guns? Look at this little patch of grey! :)

heidi said...

Good Gravy Great GUNS!

Gotta mention my word ver. word: mishair.

Awesome, huh?! I wholly admire your white mishair as well as your great guns.

Holly said...

You just get keep getting hotter. You look wise and buff, added to the already-always beautiful you. Abe is a lucky man, and your lil' boys are lucky, too.

Natalya said...

I kind of treasure my white hairs too, for about 30 seconds of admiration/disbelief in the mirror. But I pull them out. I'm not that eager to have a collection of them up there yet.


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