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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Awareness Diet

So in an earlier post I mentioned that I was not a big fan of dieting.

But I also mentioned that I'd like to lose about ten pounds and described how I wanted to gently, over time, introduce positive changes into my everyday eating habits. The goal for October was to focus on hunger/fullness. So the question is: did I do it? And the answer is: no.

(This failure to follow through with a goal might remind some of my more faithful readers that I also did not complete another goal I set a while ago. All I've got to say about that is that Abe got me hooked on watching old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and all my good intentions went out the window. Oh, how I love you, William T. Riker.)

But anyway, needless to say, I still have fatty hips. Which honestly isn't a big deal, but I have noticed that sometime between my early twenties and my late twenties I have switched from intuitive eating (eating what I'm hungry for when I'm hungry) to the see-food diet (eating whatever I see whenever I see it). And that's no good.

So I've been contemplating how to change this without switching into a freaky diet mentality that will send me spiraling into a dark vortex of dieting/binging, and I've identified that the primary problem is that I'm eating mindlessly, without considering whether I'm actually hungry or whether I really want the food. I think that simply becoming aware of what I'm eating will enable me to cut out my excess calorie intake and lose a few pounds. Enter The Awareness Diet.

The Awareness Diet is very simple. For a minimum of three weeks (the amount of time it's supposed to take to ingrain a habit), I'll write down everything I eat--before I eat it. I'll also record the reason I'm eating it ("hungry," "anxious," "kid left it on his plate," "thought it looked yummy," "avoiding work," "bored," "afraid I won't see another one for a while," "afraid someone else will eat it before I can," etc). I'm totally allowed to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, for whatever reason I want. I just have to take fifteen seconds to stop and think before I stuff my face.

I've created an awareness diet log that I'm going to use to track my eating for three or four weeks--just until I feel like I've recreated a habit of awareness regarding the food that goes into my mouth. (Feel free to use it if you want to play, too!)

And, for accountability, I'll give you a quick update every Thursday about whether I've actually been following through with my goal and if it seems to be helping.


Pamela said...

Does that mean no more bringing in yummy foods for ya? ;)

Holly said...

I think this idea is a great one, Rach. Also, I wish we were there to watch TNG with you. I have quite a thing for Jean-Luc.

Jenny and Jake said...

Try CalorieCount.about.com. It's opened my eyes to everything that goes in my yapper.


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