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Saturday, October 02, 2010

New England Scenery

New England is gorgeous. Again, it's so hard to capture everything that makes it beautiful. I love the way it smells, for one: loamy and green. And the towns have lots of character, with narrow streets and cheerily decorative store fronts. The neighborhoods are made up of little two-and-three story Victorian houses. Trees grow like weeds everywhere, and where they've been cut back you can see rolling hills, fields, barns, and old farmhouses. The lovely Connecticut river runs along the New Hampshire/Vermont border and there are ponds everywhere. Whenever we visit, I start fantasizing about buying a farm, raising goats and sheep and chicken, making cheese, churning butter, knitting socks, and quilting.

These are some pictures taken on and around Abe's family's property when we were visiting in 2006. (We were super slackers and took approximately three pictures this last visit.)

Driveway and chicken coop. Sadly, the chickens no longer reside there.

That little building is the "garbage house." Cutest dang place I've ever seen for storing trash.

The house.

The "four-wheeler trail."

A little meadow off the four-wheeler trail.

The view from the meadow.


Karen said...

Wow! So beautiful! I need to live there!

Natalya said...

Reading your NH series here is really making me think that we had it good growing up there. Maybe I should go visit.


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