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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New England Conclusion

So that's the end of my New England series. I could go on and on, I love it so, but I've got a pending rant that I'd like to complete and post soon, so I'm going to move forward.


heidi said...

Ooo! A pending rant! I can't wait. (I find myself full of unexpressed rants. I want to be full of gratitude and love--or at least, I think that's what I want. But I often find myself really, really angry instead. But when I'm not in the grip of rage, I actually am pretty darn fond of others and aware of my amazing good fortune. But, anyway, perhaps your pending rant is not of the Fury Rant variety; but in any case, I'm interested.)

Also, on the vast topic of New England--I've only been there once, for Paul's sister's wedding. I found it extraordinary. For one thing, all of their cities are within BUSING distance of one another! Just hours from, say, Baltimore to... like... Philadelphia. They're in COMPLETELY different states, right? That's like Salt Lake being just a short stop-off between San Francisco and Denver! Super bizarro. And, TREES just SPROUT right out of the GROUND! Unencouraged! They grow like WEEDS! New E. is totally infested with them! And with people.

Finally: I too love noticeable accents. Adorrrrre them. And friends who don't try to gouge my eyes out.

Post-finally: Paul found your "loossaaahhh" comment on Karen's blog very, very funny.

Can't wait for the next post! Can't come too soon. Need the distraction.

Please :D

heidi said...

I wish I knew the subject of your upcoming rant. I'm very curious.

Anything to do with Oreo Balls? That's been a very popular topic on Karen's blog.


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