Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

New England Nana

This is Abe's mother's mother. She is lovely.

Nana lives in a beautiful little home on a hill about fifteen minutes from Abe's parents. When they were growing up, Nana would have Abraham and his (ten) siblings take turns coming to spend the night. She always fed them white bread and cookies and let them watch television.

As we were looking at these pictures (of Nana with Soren and Liam and a little girl named Eternity, whom my mother-in-law watches three days a week--for free, because she is also lovely), Abe remarked, "Oh, I love Nana. She's everything a Nana is supposed to be!"

"She's comfortable,

and wise,

and funny,

and nice."

Now that most of her grandkids are scattered hither and yon, Nana still makes sure to spoil them. She remembers everyone's birthdays (including in-laws and great-grandkids) and always sends a card (and birthday money). She'll also send cards for Christmas and other special occasions. And she usually closes her cards like this:


Nana in the little house on the big hill in the woods."


Lara said...

I really want to live on a big hill in the woods just so I can sign Christmas cards this way. Adorable.

Collette Smith said...

She IS lovely!!! I want to be that kind of Nana.


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