Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Soren's Third Birthday

On New Year's Day, Soren turned three. His big day contained all of the things that he believes are essential for birthday celebration:

Balloons. Family.

Birthday hats.

Cool presents.

Cake. Ice cream. Singing.

(He helped me make the cake; those are gummy worms on top.)


heidi said...

Is that your house? I love the decor! It's gorgeous, compelling, interesting! It makes me want to go to there. (As Tina Fey's daughter, and, the Liz Lemon character from 30 Rock, say.)

Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to Soren.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Soren! Man I miss all you guys already :(

Rachel said...

Heidi! This is my house. And I promise it is not as gorgeous, compelling, or interesting as it may seem in the photographs. It is comfortable, and cozy, and I love it, but decor is most definitely not my forte. I'm always mildly ashamed when other women come to my house because I know it so does not compare to theirs. Also, in this picture you can't see the green crayon scribbles on one wall and the hole that Abe kicked in the other.

Natalya said...

I hope you're not ashamed when I come over! I'm trying to get to the point where my house is clean enough for you to see the decor that I haven't even done up yet. Since I don't have a clue.
One friend of mine, who is a decorator in her soul, said it's actually not true that you can not have a clue about decorating. She said it's basically just laziness. (Mary Kay that invented makeup said that too, I think.) So, back to my friend, who said that what one needs to do is figure out what they like, what elements of a room make them feel good. They can then do those things to their house.
My problem is, I'm lazy.
I must admit, the first time I came to your house, the livingroom took my breath away. So simple. And yet so charming. I loved the neutral colors and the cozy couches and the big clock. It looked like you knew exactly what you were doing.
You have a wicker basket for the toys. I have a Wal-mart brand diaper box.
Funny how I'm responding to a birthday post.
And Heidi, that was the shortest comment I've ever seen from you. So sad! :(

Natalya said...

One more: was Abe mad?

Rachel said...

I'm glad you like my house, Nat! Abe really did most of it.
And yes, he was mad. Or rather, frustrated. The kids were both screaming and Soren had just bitten him ("for the fiftieth time that day," Abe reports) and he figured it would be better to kick the wall than a kid. lol

heidi said...

That comment was breathtaking! I mean it. I love sincerity; especially when it comes in the form of wordiness. (Also, I'm amusing myself by praising what I do. Private joke. But I DO think your feedback was heartfelt and sweet and thought-provoking.)

You know what ELSE I like? A lot? People who comment not only on posts, but who comment on comments! In other words: I'm delighted you thought my restaint was "so sad."

Not that it makes me glad that you're sad. You know what I mean.


p.s. About decorating: My feeling about creative things is, when the time is right, inspiration comes. When our minds and hearts are "full" with other stuff, so-called laziness shows up to keep us from overdoing. When there's internal space, motivation and desire arrive. That's what I believe. I'm usually right.


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