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Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Soren and I pass the time.

Soren's favorite Mommy/Soren activities are as follows: baking, watching songs about cars on You Tube, applying make-up, looking at pictures of himself, listening to made-up stories about himself, listening to made-up songs about himself, and sitting on my lap at the computer, dictating Paint masterpieces. He tells me what to draw, and I draw it. Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of months:

I wanted to name this guy Gilbert, but Soren wanted the "G" to be an "O," so Oilbert it was.

Drawing cars in Paint is more challenging than one might think.

I entitled this one "Santa Claus Hitchhiker."

Soren wanted me to draw all of his cousins on the Hanson side of the family. And they all had to have train engines on their shirts. From L-R: Calysta, Arielle, Marty, Tessa, Soren, Liam, and Charlotte.

Another family picture. Soren specifically requested the tools. From L-R: Soren, Mommy, Daddy, Quentin, Liam, Hillary, Briar.


Nick Wheeler said...

I use complex design and illustration software every day, yet the idea of using paint to do all this seems exhausting. Phew! Also, I've always been in love with your paint illustrations.

Holly said...

Oilbert. I about cracked a gut laughing. Oilbert!

And I like how slim Quentin is in this paint pic.

Karen said...

I love seeing all your Paint drawings. You and Soren should collaborate more often. Love the train engine t-shirts and Santa Claus Hitchhiker. The snow looks so realistic. Although I do have to say the bear being hit by the car was a bit dark.

heidi said...

Rachel, I could never possibly tire of hearing stories about your life and kidlings! Using that Paint Thingy sounds hard but your results are delightful! I did notice one glaring omission in the cousins' portrait... where was Gracie?? (Isn't she Soren's most-missed member of the Hanson clan?)

:D H.


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