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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Soren's First Snowman

We finally got snow sticky enough to make a proper snowman, so on Saturday Soren and I bundled up, braved the cold, and made a little snowman.

I've been priming Soren for this for months by telling him a bedtime story about how Mommy and Soren make a snowman. In the story, after each step, Mommy says, "Now the snowman is done!" And Soren says, "No, Mommy! It's not done! It still needs______(a nose, a hat, buttons, eyes, arms, etc.) And Mommy says, "Oh! A _________!" And they give the snowman whatever it is that it needs.

Much to my delight, Soren incorporated the story into our actual snowman-building experience. We would put in the snowman's eyes and he would ask, "Now what does the snowman need?" And I would reply, "I don't know. What does it need?" And he would say, "It needs a hat!" And we would get a hat.

At the end of the bedtime story, Mommy is pretty certain that the snowman is done, but Soren says that it isn't. "Soren," says Mommy. "Our snowman has a hat. He has a nose. He has eyes. He has a mouth. He has two arms. He has buttons. What else could he possibly need?"

And Soren says, "He needs a hug!" So he gives the snowman a hug.

And then the snowman is complete.


heidi said...

Aw! Everything about this is DARLING, right? I love that darling cute Soren followed his darling cute script.

The Soren-sitting-with-snowman photo is my new "wall"paper. (It's really SCREEN-paper, right? Only not made of paper. So, that'd be... um... screen-digital-dots, I think. Soren & his snowman are my new screendigiredoos.)

Karen said...

Soren and his snowman are adorable! Also, I noticed Soren's orange mittens when we were there. They were so cute... like the real mittens you see in books! Now I want some big mittens for ME! :D

Nick Wheeler said...


Adriana said...

Totally cute!

The Butler Clan said...

There's just something so cute about a little boy in the snow all bundled in his snow gear. I love it!

Rachel said...

I do love little boys. P.S. I miss you, Ash!


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