Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just wanted those who haven't heard yet that we're in Primary Children's Hospital intensive care unit with Liam right now. I'll post details later-- I just found a computer while wandering around looking for a place to pump and thought I'd do a quick post. He's got HMPV (human meta-pneumo virus) that developed into a serious case of pneumonia. He's been fighting really hard and it looks like he'll recover, but we could definitely use all of your prayers. (I know many of you are already praying for him.) We flew in early Thursday morning and it looks like we'll be in the ICU for a few more days.


Thora said...

We'll pray for liam! God bless you!

Nick said...

Hope to see you all home soon. :)

karla said...

I'm sorry to hear that. You will be in my prayers.

Ginger said...

How awful! Hang in there Liam and Mommy. You'll both be in my prayers.

Steve & Margaret said...

We are so sorry to hear about this... we'll definitely keep you in our prayers.

Kristy Skoy said...

I am so sorry. It is so scary to have babies in the winter. With all the sickness. I will keep Liam and you in my prayers. Please try and keep us updated. I hope you can come home soon!

heidi said...

I just love that little Liam so much! I will continue my prayers--including my Piano Prayers of Love and Joy. (You'll see when you get home & back on email.)

Coey (Collette) forwarded me Sister Stirling's report and it made me so HeartGlad to hear from that and from Karen that you're surrounded by loving support... and Food Providers!

I wanted to mention 2 things that perhaps aren't relevant or serious... But I thought you might enjoy something irrelevant and silly:

1) Karen (your sister-in-law for those who glance at this comment and don't know... although I think You remember she is your SIL? :)) Anyway, Karen told me about HER own Hanson-Fan-Club moment... (we've both long agreed that Hansons are the BEST) in the car on the way home from her and Seth taking you and Abe to dinner at their favorite Mex. restaurant a night or two ago... And CARL JUNG coming up and you three--You&Seth& Abe--going on and on... and her having to ask Sethie, so, "Who's that guy who wrote all those Big Books?!"

Adorable! And I agreed with her that from all that I've heard you and Seth sound BRILLIANT. I know less about Abey but feel "samesies" with him over our mutual bookophilia.

2) I keep getting (my husband) Paul and me confused 'cuz I'll say "Rachel" when I mean "Karen" and vice versa. He's started making me refer to you as Baby Momma. (Also, I've used "Madonna" as in "Madonna and Child.")

I wanted to put a smile on your face if I could... I love LOVE and you're surrounded by it! Hooray!

I also love SCIENCE.

I'm so glad Your William James gets the benefit of both! I really want to come meet him in a few months before he's enormous.

Take care, you divine Baby Momma!

Love and kisses and prayers galore-


p.s. In case she didn't mention it, Yes, Karen and I are friends now! We've been bonding over our mutual Hanson adoration and... much much more. We're both LENGTHY letter writers. Your mom's been in on that delicious secret for months now! Hee hee.

Holly said...

Oh Rach! I will pray for little Liam and your family.

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone for your love and support.

Also, Heidi, I find all of those names delightful.

Janet Latta said...

i haven't checked in on your blog lately...i am sorry for this trial for you and yours. hang in there. my prayers are now with you too! i love you!


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