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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Liam: 1 Month

Dear Liam,

Your father and I used to amuse ourselves at BYU by examining people and picking out the animals we thought they resembled. We were acquainted with a badger who had married a Siamese cat and a groundhog wedded to a basset hound. One of my good friends looked like a koala. Another resembled a gazelle. I think that your dad looks like an eagle. Not everyone lends themselves readily to an animal familiar, but I've decided that you are most certainly a cat-- perhaps more in deed than in looks, but the image of you as a kitten comes to my mind again and again. Like all cats, you are a lover of creature comforts. You'll curl up on a big person's chest like a kitty in a sunbeam and assume a pose of perfect relaxation. At night you fuss if I put you in your moses basket, so you spend a lot of time snuggled up next to Mommy or Daddy, a warm little ball of sweet milkiness. And you're always willing to eat. Soren was an infant who ate for business- every three hours he would set to the task of eating and gulp down his meal as quickly as possible; you, on the other hand, feel that you must eat every two hours and would eat more often if I provided the opportunity. You linger over your meals. And after you've nursed you'll burp largely and spit up a lot, then lean back a little, your eyes half-open, arms hanging limp, and look absolutely satiated.
Sweet Repose. Liam napping on Grandma Hanson.

You are remarkably smiley for such a young little ducky. When we took you to the doctor for your 2 week check-up, you sat with us in the exam room and smiled and smiled. At that particular checkup we found that you had beefed up considerably: when born you weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces; at two weeks of age you weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces. And you've continued to gain. You were so skinny when we first met you I thought you looked like a refugee; now you resemble the chubby Buddha and even your fingers are plump. You are also remarkably strong. You started rolling over (from your belly to your back) at 10 days old.

Fat and happy.

Fat and...glum?

I can't believe it's already been a whole month. When I talk about you and look at you, one word repeatedly comes to mind: sweet. You are so very sweet. I keep telling your daddy: "there's something very special about this kid."

Daddy is attempting to soothe Liam by gently bouncing him on the yellow massage ball. It wasn't as effective as it looks here.

Trying out the new tongue device.
I love you!


Quiet alert.

I took this picture because it reminded me of Sam, a toddler in a delightful series of children's books that Grandma Skousen sent to Soren. Sam has very skinny legs and a round belly.


Karen said...

He almost looks like a whole different kid now compared to his tiny skinny little body a few weeks ago! I love his "fat and happy" picture. So cute!

heidi said...

I agree with Karen!

Amazing... from "starved refugee kitten" to sumo-strong chunky Buddha in one month! A lolling cat-baby full of sweet milkiness. (What is IN your milk, Rach! It must be sumpin' else!)

Really, Liam's exquisite (-ly beautiful, and just, exquisite!), Rach. I wish I could hold him. I can be sweet, upon occasion--we could have a honey-golden-caramelly moment.

I have a friend, age 89, who is sweet & loving, and he just DRAWS people and goodness to him. A blessed way to wend* your way through life, should this be Liam's destiny.

(I'm still jealous of your kid's great names. I know, if there's a next one, and she's a girl, she's going to be "Emma." As in, Emma Newell Kant. :D)

love, i'm just longing for liam-ness! Bless your sweet foursome.


*i thought this maybe wasn't a word but "bless the internet thesaurus" it is what i meant...


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