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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Call to Arms

It seems that something so simple should be...well, simple. But it seems that there's no right way to feed your baby in our culture. Bottle-feeding moms are criticized for bottle feeding because "breast is best"-- but breast-feeding moms are sent to hide themselves behind blankets in little closets to nourish their infants in shame.

Honestly, people, formula is a fine way to nourish a growing infant. I see plenty of healthy, intelligent, emotionally functional children skipping around after having been bottle-fed. And seriously, people, boobs exist. I'm sorry if mine make you uncomfortable. But I have them and they exist for the very purpose of feeding my young. I'm tired of being sequestered away as though I were a menstruating woman in a primitive culture.

Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding Moms, unite! Let us cross the La Leche League chasm that has hithertofore separated us! Let us stand side by side and boldly whip out our bottles and our boobies, and do it without shame! It is time for all of us, everywhere, to feed our babies with pride!


Karen said...

I want to know who these people are that have the gall to complain about breastfeeding. So long as you're not sitting there completely topless, I don't see how anyone could be so insensitive. Anytime I've ever seen anyone breastfeeding in public they've always been completely covered and respectful of those around them. Next time anyone gives you any guff, punch 'em in the face and tell them it's from me!

Shelly Elizondo said...

I agree! I was hesitant to breastfeed my first child in public so I didn't last as long as I should have but the 2nd two were nursed for 15 months each. I didn't care if I was at a family party or the mall, when the baby got hungry I would feed the sweet little thing. I can honestly say that no one has ever said anything negitive to me. I am careful to cover up very good due to the fact that I don't the whole world to see my "goods." Enjoy youself, whatever way you choose. You are the mommy and therefore you get to decide how the baby is fed.

Holly said...


Jennifer said...

I nurse in public, with mixed company, and during sacrament meeting (we sit on the front row facing the bishop). I find mother's lounges to be noisy and not very uplifting so I opt to nurse in church. However, I do try to make baby wait until the sacrament is passed....(teen boys don't need that distraction in church!). My good friend from Australia was a great inspiration to me. In Australia there isn't a thing called "mother's louge". You nurse where you need to. She couldn't understand how a culture could be so opposed to the practical purpose of a woman's body, when we can flaunt all bosy assets on TV, magazine covers, billboards, and other public scenes.

Since we've moved to "yuppie ville" I have seen women totally expose themselves during playgroups with mixed genders of all ages. Nurse if needed, but don't embarress yourself or those around you who really don't want to see EVERYTHING. Nursing is a beautiful thing, but I don't want to sit and compare goods with you!

Do what makes you comfortable. As for church, I vote for sitting in the pew and showing your children that there really isn't a reason to leave....hungry or otherwise! Besides, I spend many Sundays on my own...what do I do with the older children while I'm banished into the nursing lounge?

Hang in there!

Do you have a "Hooter Hider"? I'll be at my mom's next week and come visit! We'll talk more


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