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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stuff I Forgot to Include in All Those Catch-up Posts

On the way home from Physical Therapy. For some reason, Soren wanted to be REALLY close to his brother, so they're sharing a seatbelt here. As I recall, Liam eventually got annoyed with the breech of his personal bubble and a fight ensued. For for a little while, it was pretty darn adorable. 

Liam acquired some superhero goggles at a fast food restaurant run with Grandpa. He also found a tiny plastic squirt gun. The two combined for hours of fun and repose. 

 Stack of lovies. 

More shots from Liam's birthday.  

Occasionally the boys still like to be wrapped up like burritos.  

This was taken while we were moving into our new house. The kids had found some stuffing and were making themselves comfortable in the new place by making a mess in their new room.  

Soren loves his baby cousin Rebecca.

My parents gave us a new porch swing as a house warming gift. 
(Oh, right, maybe I haven't mentioned this? In April we moved into a new home in a neighboring town. We love the home and the town and the porch swing whole bunch.) 
Anyway, we've spent many a happy hour on the swing (Liam calls it "the outside chair,") including doing some serious reading. Can you guess what book this is from this illustration? 


Asa said...

Wait! Wait! I got it! That book is from that one person who wrote those books! It talks about a crabby aunt who drinks gin and grows really big and the dude feels like he touched a magic world!

Also, I love that Soren felt the need to be buckled into the same seat as Liam. Strange times, but also adorable. Liam looks tolerant of the situation only because he is convinced that it will be but a moment.

Natalya said...

It's Quentin Blake, I'm guessing Roald dahl?
In the porch swing pic Soren looks teeny compared to Liam!
Abe's looking good.


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