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Friday, October 16, 2015

Stake Pioneer Day Picnic

Our stake put on a Pioneer Day Picnic and it was truly a good time. At one point Liam completely disappeared. Soren and I ran around desperately trying to find him, only to eventually realize that he had hopped a train. I should have known.

Here's my child, riding around in a toy train with complete strangers. 

At first, Soren was too cool for the train ride, but he finally gave in and went for a few circles around the park.

The boys in their new jackets. The Captain America jacket is proof that happiness can be bought. It's available in Target stores everywhere for just $18.99. I love to tease Liam about actually being Captain America, because he takes it very seriously. He will take off his hood and unzip his jacket to show me that he's actually just Liam. Soren also enjoys his Minecraft-themed "Creeper" jacket (never thought I'd have a kid who willingly referred to himself as a creeper). 

1 comment:

Asa said...

I laughed at Soren wanting to be a creeper. And I loved your comment about happinesses being buyable, for the wit of it.


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